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Looking For ‘Ways To Make Extra Money’ From Home? You Got It!

Looking for a simple way to bank some more coin? You’re not alone! Here’s a guide that covers a number of ways to make extra money and some key money-making ideas that you may not have considered.

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Online Surveys and Market Research

Signing up for a few online surveys and market research programs can be a great starting point to make some extra money.

Signing up to Social Soup is a great way to receive free products in return for reviewing and sharing your findings with your social media followers. Search for “Australia paid market research” to link up with a number of companies who regularly put calls out for people to give them feedback. A lot of the work can be done from home or you may travel to a meeting room for an evening’s work.


It’s a new share economy! Your home (even a small part of it) can become a hotel for a tourist. In terms of ways to make money, Airbnb is by far one of the most profitable.

It often gets a bad rap in the press and that’s pretty unfair. Airbnb have a lot of checks and balances in place to ensure that you know who you’ll be having visit your home. You need to clean and make sure they have a great stay and the dividends are plentiful!

ways to make extra money - airbnb

Rent out your garage, your car, your yard, your garden or your pool

Along the same lines of Airbnb, there are now plenty of money-making ideas to be found in your own home!

You can rent your garage out to people who need storage space. You can rent your car through a number of places (CarNextDoor or DriveMyCar) – great if it’s your second vehicle that just sits and gathers dust during the week.

You might have a big yard, a vegetable garden or a swimming pool. Why not offer some of that space for rent? Personal trainers might use your garden and pool for their business. Community members might be desperate for a safe place to plant their tomatoes. A world of opportunity in your own backyard!

Air Tasker

Air Tasker is full of local people looking for help with services that you MIGHT be excellent at. Create an account and check the jobs that are going in your local area. You might write a resume, clean a pool, help someone move house or design a business logo. A great way to tap into old skills!

Hire out advertising space

Got some space on your fence, house or yard?

Companies are looking for advertising space wherever they can find it. If you have room (and don’t mind someone else’s face plastered on your fence) this can be a great source of extra income and a creative way to make money from home.

Home, garden and pet services

Got a green thumb? Good at ironing? Happy to pet sit in your own home? These are all services that your neighbours are crying out for. A great money-making idea is to capitalise on the skills you already have and see how they could benefit those around you.

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eBay and online marketplace

If you have extra clutter around the house (don’t we all?) you can streamline your life AND line your wallet at the same time. Facebook marketplace, Gumtree and eBay all offer you the chance to unload your old stuff and make some fat stacks of cash while you’re at it.

Creating your own wares

Crafty? Artistic? Driven to make and create? Why not set your creations free into the world? Make yourself a business Facebook page (free), register for an ABN (free) and get to work on your creative side.

Ways to make extra money

Side hustles are a fantastic way to not only make some more money on the side but to meet new people, use old skills and to grow passions you thought you’d lost.

Make it rain!


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  1. 14/05/2018 / 6:38 am

    I’m a mad ebayer – in part to recycle and in part to pay for my book habit!

  2. 14/05/2018 / 12:26 pm

    I need to check out Air Tasker to pick up a bit more work as I continue to build my businesses!

  3. Bee B
    20/05/2018 / 10:23 am

    Garage sales are great if you have a lot of stuff to sell.

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