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Camping at Lake St Clair

Over the school holidays we tried to jam pack as much activity into the 2 weeks as we could. This included camping. We chose somewhere local (approx. 1 hour from where we live) as Poppet hadn’t been camping before so we wanted somewhere that was close enough to home in case it was a failure. Thankfully she loves it as much as the rest of us. We live in the Hunter Valley so there are a wide array of options available for us where camping is concerned. We decided that Lake St Clair was the perfect place as we had been there previously so knew what to expect. Lake St Clair is approximately 30 minutes North of Singleton, NSW and has a great deal to offer for day trips or overnight.

camping at lake st clair

You can camp (obviously), boat, ski, fish, swim or even just enjoy a picnic with the gorgeous scenic views. Offering 38 hectares of camping space the kids have plenty of room to ride their bikes, play with the frisbees or even enjoy a game of cricket. The dam is regularly stocked with Bass, Golden and Silver Perch so the fish loving men, women and kids are catered to. B1 and B2 absolutely love fishing; it is a new found hobby of theirs. Lake St Clair is a very clean and tidy area that allows the luxury of campfires. In my opinion campfires are a pretty important part of camping ~ does anyone else automatically think of toasted marshmallows?

camping at Lake St Clair

camping at lake st clair

Lake St Clair is a favourite for families and new campers as it offers great facilities. You can enjoy showers, flushing toilets and barbeques. Camping areas like this make starting out a smooth transition as you wean into going without the essentials aka everyday luxuries. There are also powered sites or sites for tents/swags and you can choose to camp along the water, near amenities or even away from everyone. It is a very comfortable place to camp and very affordable – $27.50 per family. If you are considering camping in the Hunter Valley region and think this may be of interest, you can find more information on the Singleton Council website. I highly recommend this place, we love it there.

camping at lake st clair

Where do you go camping? What do you look for in a camping area?

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