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How To Save Money On Your Groceries

If you ask any parent what the most surprising thing was cost-wise about having children, chances are they’re going to say the grocery bill. For small humans who complain constantly about food, they sure seem to go through it at a rate of knots!

Here are some useful tips if you’re looking for how to save money on your groceries. Then you’ve only got the other expenses to worry about – school and childcare fees, clothes, toys, books, medical appointments, haircuts, shoes… ugh.

How to save money on your groceries | family buying food

How To Save Money On Your Groceries

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Meal planning, taking stock of your current contents and making a list (and sticking to it) is key to saving money on food. Say goodbye to impulse purchases at the checkout by either leaving the kids somewhere else while you shop or (if you’re not lucky enough to have that option) getting your groceries delivered to your home. You’ll save on delivery fees if you order over a certain amount and the added bonus will be that you get to stay in your pyjamas.

Support the little guy

Purchasing your fruits, vegetables and meats from grocers won’t only save you some dollars but you’ll be supporting the local economy. This is also a key way to cut down on the plastic wastage often found in supermarket produce aisles. Shop small and shop fresh.

Batch cooking like a boss

Cooking ahead of time and freezing portions will help you save money on groceries. You’ll need to ensure you have freezer capacity and that you clearly label all food (add a date as well so you’re not left confused in a month’s time).

Looking for great recipes that are healthy and easy to make? Yes chef!

No name same same

You can often find brand substitutes that taste the same but come at a fraction of the cost. Shops like Aldi are stuffed full of hidden treasures that are ‘same same, but different’ to the big name brands you’re used to buying. You’ll wonder why you ever paid full price for cereal again!

Word to the wise, though. Beware the centre aisle or you’ll develop Aldi madness and find yourself wandering home with a new whipper snipper and twenty ski jackets you don’t need.

Bulk up, baby

Grabbing a membership to an outlet store like Costco means that you’ll be able to purchase products cheaply and in bulk, thus saving some dollars in the long run. Toilet paper, cleaning products, canned foods – it’s all in giant sizes and it’s all waiting for you in those warehouses! If storage is at a premium in your house, consider cleaning out the garage to make room. You could have a little garage sale in the process to fund your Costco membership! Everybody wins!

Get that budget in shape

Be realistic about your weekly income and adjust your spending accordingly. There are a number of easy ways to save money that won’t take you a lot of effort and might just open up some budget space to give you a little breathing room.

Keep track

Follow your grocery spending closely and make adjustments accordingly. Keep a close eye on your receipts and your grocery spending throughout the week to find ways to improve.

How to save money on your groceries

It’s possible and it’s relatively painless. Saving money on food doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on taste and nutrition – it’s simply a matter of using your common cents. (Get it?)


How To Save Money On Your Groceries

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  1. 02/07/2018 / 7:47 am

    We save so much money meal planning and making sure we have a menu and a list that goes with that. I’ve even learned to withstand those centre aisles at Aldi – it’s taken years but I’m finally strong enough to keep walking on, even if the weekly specials are true bargains!

  2. 02/07/2018 / 11:13 am

    I am terrible at meal planning! I kind of do it as I go along at the supermarket.

  3. 02/07/2018 / 11:17 am

    I’ve fallen in love with Aldi in recent months. I’m saving so much money on groceries – it’s a combination of it being bulk and most of it isn’t brand food which makes it cheaper. I’m saving up to $100 a week. The minute I head to a major retailer, I’m paying around $200 for a trolley of groceries.

  4. 05/07/2018 / 10:27 pm

    These are great tips! I find ordering my groceries online also help me to save a few $$$ – that way I don’t get tempted my the specials at the end of each aisle! x

  5. 22/07/2018 / 10:39 am

    Great tips! I’m an Aldi convert. I save heaps each week. Also I’m a firm believer of shopping from your pantry. There’s always something in there for dinner.

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