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Stylish & Affordable – Tesoro Jewellery Review

I love nothing more than putting on a gorgeous new piece of jewellery. It gives me an added confidence that was somehow lacking before.
It doesn’t matter whether I have saved for my new items or they have been given to me by my husband; the joy in wearing my new found bling is the same. I feel feminine, chic and fashionable.

Tesoro Jewellery Review

Last month I stumbled upon an opportunity to experience Tesoro Jewellery and I couldn’t say no. Tesoro and its unique collection was created in 1973 and its vision has been carried on through family. Inspiration has been sourced through new, upcoming designers that step outside the boundaries to create and design wearable art.

Tesoro have released a new Mio Primo collection that matches style and luxury into everyday wear. The range includes intricate details, geometric shapes and a sophisticated white diamond cut fabric. I was so excited to see these delicate pieces for myself and when they arrived, I was far from disappointed. They sparkled in the light and as I thread the earrings through my ear, I instantly felt glamorous but not overdressed for the office.

I received two pairs of 925 Silver earring from Tesoro. They are the same but in two different sizes. While I usually wear gold or white gold, I thought I would give their best-selling Tesoro silver earrings a go. Measuring 1.5cm length and 1.5cm width, these earrings exude elegance.
I completely understand why these are a best seller. They are well crafted and absolutely gorgeous, perfect for everyday wear. RRP $69.95 AUD. I have been complemented numerous times about how stunning these are by complete strangers, if that isn’t a compliment to their design, I don’t know what is!

Tesoro Jewellery review

The other pair, even though the same style, I would describe as irresistible for evening or events. They are twice the size of the other pair (measuring 3cm x 3cm) but this only highlights the contemporary linear lines and sophistication in their design. These are gorgeous and will have you shining with style and luxury. RRP $169.95 AUD.

Tesoro Jewellery review

On the Tesoro Jewellery website they have so many great items that it makes it hard to pick something or narrow it down to a few. As a result of their range being so affordable, it is the perfect option for spoiling yourself or a loved one.

Next on my purchase list is this pair of diamond shaped and rectangular cut-out patterned earring in either Rose or black coated silver. I love them!

What do you look for when you purchase jewellery? Is it style, affordability, craftsmanship or something else?

Disclosure: I received the above earrings for the purpose of this Tesoro Jewellery review. All opinions are my own.

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