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Where to Donate After You Marie Kondo-d Your Home

This does not spark joy. This does not spark joy. Joy? It does not spark it. This is joyless. Farewell, jeans with a hole right up the butt crack. Adios, stupid knick-knacks from the mother-in-law. Bonjour, broken toys and miscellaneous IKEA pieces. In the words of our Lord and Saviour Justin Timberlake – Bye, Bye, Bye.

When we thank all our items and honour them for their service a la Marie Kondo or the KonMarie method, we are left lighter and more in control of our surrounds. It’s a pity, then, that all of these little joyless bits and bobs don’t just carry themselves away.

We need to figure out what to do with them! Here’s a guideline for where to donate your no longer needed items to make room for your new streamlined life.

woman decluttering her clothes using Konmari method

What does the KonMarie epidemic mean for our planet?

It’s great to declutter. No one is arguing against it. Working towards a more efficient and cleaner lifestyle could never be a bad thing.

The issue is, though, that all of that waste has to go somewhere. Op shops and charity bins are heaving with the weight of new donations, so much so that many have refused to take on any more until the old stock is cleared. It’s at the point now where a lot of the donations that people are sending off, with all the good intentions in the world, are now contributing to massive amounts of landfill.

It’s a bit of an impasse – you don’t want it any more but you can’t give it away. So what is there to do?

The All Mum Said KonMarie Method – Where to donate

Who said piggy-backing on a trend was a bad thing?

It’s important with this method of cleaning and decluttering to be mindful and thoughtful. The recommendation here is to come up with a plan BEFORE you begin your cull and ensure that your donations go to a good place, not an overcrowded place.

Where to donate goods _ donation box

Old Towels and Linen

Face it – there are not a lot of people who’ll be looking fondly through your old, stained towels. Luckily, wildlife and domestic animal rescue centres are always needing soft places for weary little animal heads to lay.

This idea can be extended to blankets and doonas. Some RSPCA branches take on old couches – call ahead and explain what yours is like before arranging a drop off.


A free clinic, a dental office, anywhere with a reception area that will have little ones traipsing through it. All of these places are hungry for toys that are in relatively decent shape.

You could try buy, swap, sell groups on Facebook to get rid of some of this unwanted clutter as well. The beauty of babies is that people just keep having them – there’ll always be someone looking for a bargain or a giveaway.

Clothing and Appliances

Remember – many op shops are at capacity.

Investigate other types of local charities – those who deal with refugees and immigrants settling into the community or survivors of domestic violence. If your items are clean and in good working order there is a good chance that you’ll make the day of someone who is very grateful.

De-Clutter With A Purpose

Looking for where to donate? Make sure that you celebrate a lack of clutter in your home mindfully with a donation to the right place. Think before you shrink.


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