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5 creative decoration ideas for your bedroom

Ever walked into a friend’s room and felt that the vibe was just right? Did you then go home and realise that yours doesn’t give you the same relaxed feeling? A lot of people prefer to invest time and styling efforts into statement rooms like the lounge and kitchen while the bedroom often gets ignored. It’s quite bizarre actually, given the bedroom is the one room in your home where you spend most of your alone and sleeping time, it’s the one place that needs essences of your personality to create that Zen-like ambiance bedroom you so madly dream of. If you’re renting or don’t have the funds to remodel the entire room, don’t fret, there are plenty of cheap and creative ways you can dress a room that won’t break the bank. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

DIY Artwork

DIY artwork is the décor of choice for hipsters and yuppie mothers; who can blame them? There are thousands of ways to make beautiful art that’s unique to your home, leaving you assured that you’re not going to find the same mass-produced photo lurking in 50,000 other homes. Doing it yourself also saves you unnecessary hours sifting through artwork to match your existing colour palette. Whether you’re a fan of quote art, metallic wall hangings, bold colour blocking pieces or a simple canvas finished with an ombre design, there’s always an idea to suit your style.

Light Patterned Table Lamp

There’s nothing worse than a light that induces a headache reminiscent of spending hours under a department stores fluorescent glare. If you’re trying to prepare your mind for a night full of REM peace, an overly bright light will trick your brain into thinking that it’s day time. Create a tranquil setting by investing in a bamboo woven lamp that creates light patterns across your room. Not only does it look cool, but the bamboo generates a dimly lit room perfect for when you want to wind down.

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Hang Your Fanciest Items

Do you have an eclectic hat collection that’s been doomed to live a life behind the closed doors of your cupboard? Don’t hide them away anymore. Attach some removable hooks to your wall and hang up your fedora, trilby, beret, panama, boater, even your top hat for a functional display. You can do the same thing for statement pieces of jewellery, scarves or any cool collectables in your collection.

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Statement Rug

A rug is a great way of tying a room together, therefore it’s important not to make it boring. You can put this under your comfortable bed (like a bed from http://www.latexmattress.com.au/), or if your room is big enough, spread it out in free space. Go for loud patterns, details, and interesting textures. Rug stores are always rattling on about their new closing down sale (we know you aren’t closing down) so take advantage of their reduced prices and pick yourself up a bargain.

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