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5 Fun Pool Games for Kids

Put children in a swimming pool and you can be assured that they will have the greatest time and will create their own fun! Always make sure they are properly attired with swim shirts, sun hats, sunscreen and swim goggles. The same goes for any adults who are swimming in the pool; they should set a good example.

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Pool Noodles

How cheap are pool noodles? You will certainly get your money’s worth with this purchase! Besides using them to hang onto or sit on, six pool noodles can be tied together to make a raft. Let the kids use their imagination to create other pool noodle creations and see how much fun they have.

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Beach balls or rubber duckies

Start at one end of the pool. All players are given a beach ball or rubber duckie that they must push to the other end of the pool. However, no hands, feet or mouth can be used. The winner is the player who gets to the other end first, without cheating!

Marco Polo

No pool fun would be complete without the old favourite Marco Polo, which has been around for generations. One person is ‘it’. With their eyes closed, they must try to tag any of the other swimmers in the pool. If tagged, that person becomes ‘it’. Players must keep quiet so the ‘it’ person does not know where they are. However, the ‘it’ person can call out ‘Marco’ to which all players must respond with ‘Polo’. This gives the ‘it’ player a hint as to the others whereabouts. This game will have players shrieking with delight!

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Pool volleyball or basketball
These games will keep the older kids entertained. You can purchase pool specific volleyball or basketball games or let the kids create their own with a ball, large bucket placed at the end of the pool or a line rigged up across the pool. The water makes the body lightweight, so these games are ideal for extra ball leverage.

What’s the time Mr Shark/Mr Crocodile?

The same concept as What’s the time Mr Wolf. Children group at one end of the pool, with the exception of Mr Shark, who has his/her back to the group. The group repeatedly asks “What’s the time Mr Shark?”. Mr Shark will say random times, until he pounces around with “Dinner Time!” Whoever he catches for dinner is out. The game then carries on until all players are eaten for dinner.

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Pool games are a great source of fun for children of all ages. The only problem you may have is getting them out of the pool! Entice them with some refreshments to allow them to have a little time to rest and recharge. For health and safety reasons, always make sure your swimming pool is kept in optimum condition. Alliance Pool Stores can take care of all your pool needs. Throw in some pool toys like inflatable rings or sea creatures to give the kids a chance to just have some fun without any organised games. Pool games are also a great way for young ones to improve their water skills and confidence.

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