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Australia’s 10 Most Family-friendly Suburbs

‘Location, location, location’ has been a catch cry of the real estate industry for a long time – and for good reason. Choosing where to live is often more important to buyers than the physical property itself, particularly for those who are looking for the place where they’ll raise their family.
Affordability also matters – growing families will often be reduced to one income either while the primary caregiver is on paternity/maternity leave or for longer if they are staying at home with the children. If you’re thinking about making the move to a family home, make sure you visit a lender’s page like the BOQ site to see the most up-to-date home loan rates that are applicable for your situation.

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In capital cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, this can mean finding a property in an outer suburb that is at least 30 kilometres from the city centre, so that family buyers get not only the right type of property for their needs, but also one that they can afford.

The Top 10

Below, you’ll find a list of Australia’s best ranked suburbs for families in metropolitan regions as judged by a 2014 national survey by RP Data.
1. Kingston, Tasmania
2. Morayfield, Queensland
3. Lauderdale, Tasmania
4. Byford, Western Australia
5. Taylors Lakes, Victoria
6. Aberfoyle Park, South Australia
7. The Gap, Queensland
8. Diamond Creek, Victoria
9. Belair, South Australia
10. Cockatoo, Victoria

The Wants and Needs

Typically, family focussed buyers are looking for suburbs that offer easy access to amenities like good schools, shops, medical facilities and childcare, while offering easy commuting to the CBD. Family homes also need to provide room to grow – many buyers in this demographic will choose to live a little further away if it means a bigger yard or more bedrooms and bathrooms for their buck.


A Closer Look

Overall winner Kingston has a median price of $350,000, with big block sizes averaging 828 square metres and 3+ bedrooms per house. The suburb itself is actually a township approximately 12km from Hobart, so it also scored highly for the lifestyle factor of relaxed living while still offering proximity to desired amenities. The town does have its own commercial and industrial sectors, but the majority of residents work in the Hobart CBD. With six schools in the catchment area, two shopping centres and a large sporting ground, for Tasmanian residents, Kingston ticks most of the boxes.

On the mainland, Adelaide performed very well in the Top 100 of the RP Data results, largely due to having a large number of suburbs with a median house price of $400,000 or less. You can also buy a modern home in Brisbane’s Morayfield for under $400,000 – though it is located more than 40km from the inner city. There is access to a train line for commuting and the region also offers numerous local employment opportunities and close proximity to shopping, schools and recreational amenities.

Did you have to move further out of your city to be able to afford your family home?
How family-friendly do you think your suburb is? Leave your answers below.

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