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Baby Carrying with ONE

One thing I didn’t think about too much when having baby number 3 was that I only have 2 hands. How am I supposed to carry a baby and hold the hands of my boys at the same time? By using a baby carrier is how. Shortly after my baby girl was born I realised that I didn’t want be loading and unloading the pram in and out of the car all the time so I invested in a Baby Bjorn Miracle carrier and I couldn’t have been happier. Baby carrying is not only convenient but it allows me to be close to my baby as well. I leave it in my car so it’s always there when I need it; unfortunately I keep forgetting to take it with me when we venture out in my husbands’ car and ended up having to hold her resulting in aching arms.

baby carrying

So when I received an email from BabyBjorn asking if I wanted to try baby carrying with their new Baby Carrier ONE I couldn’t type the response email fast enough! Of course I did. This baby carrier is a little different to the one I use as it is a multifunctional front and back carrier for newborns – 3 years. It can be used 4 different ways – newborn position, carry facing inwards, facing outwards or on your back. We have this carrier set to my husbands size but it is very easy to adjust should I want to use it. As I mentioned this carrier has a range of different features and positions to suit each childs individual age and needs.

baby carrying

My husband channelling Zoolander – Blue Steel and looking really really ridiculously ‘good’ looking!

Close to heart for newborns which is a popular choice for my bubba and me. She is comforted by the sound of my heart and she is close enough that I can kiss her head. We haven’t yet tried out the other positions on this carrier as Hadley is only 11 weeks old (geez it has gone fast!) but I have faith and trust in BabyBjorn that they will be as good as I have come to expect from this brand. I love that instead of having to upgrade as bub gets bigger this carrier does it all! One is all I will need. You can find more information about BabyBjorn carriers including ONE on the website here.

As you can see from the pictures she is comfortable and happy. If she’s happy we’re happy!

Did you or do you use a baby carrier? What features do you look for? Are you pro baby carrying?

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  1. Jessie Hay
    27/08/2013 / 9:07 pm

    I have a few different baby carriers- at the moment my baby loves the hugabub so I’m using it- a lot! 🙂

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