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Closer to Nature Breast Pump & Bottles

Breastfeeding isn’t something that comes naturally to every mother and there are many different reasons as to why some women cannot do it. In a lot of cases it may be that baby cannot latch on correctly, lack of supply, mastitis (milk fever), returning to work, inverted nipples, etc. This doesn’t mean they can’t give their baby breast milk; they just need to express it which also takes time to get the hang of.

The Closer to Nature breast pump range make it easy for parents to continue to give their baby breast milk even if they aren’t able to ‘breastfeed’ or are unavailable to do so (like if dad is getting up to do a night feed!). The manual breast pump is not only easy to use but it sits very comfortably around the breast and nipple thanks to the flexible cup; ultimately making it easier to pump a sufficient supply of milk.

I also love that it only has 3 parts to it so it means cleaning and putting it back together are so simple and not to mention fast! The pump itself is very quiet so it allows for more discreet expressing or in my case with the pumps I’ve previously used the noise from them just annoyed me.

The Closer to Nature Manual Breast Pump comes with: 1x breast pump, 1x 150ml Closer to Nature bottle with slow flow teat, 1x milk storage lid & 6x breast pads.

Available from: Babies R Us, Baby Bunting, Big W, Coles, Target, Woolworths

RRP $90


Closer to Nature has also made it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding by using teats on their bottles that are designed to mimic the natural feel and movement a mums’ nipple and breast. The teats also contain a super sensitive anti-colic valve that reduces the risk of baby taking in air by using advanced easi-vent technology. The bottles are 100% free from BPA making them even safer for your baby.

 The Closer to Nature bottles come in a range of sizes: 150ml, 260ml & 340ml.

Available from: Babies R Us, Baby Bunting, Big W, Coles, Target, Woolworths

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  1. jessica jazmine
    04/06/2013 / 12:25 pm

    I love these products as my daughter only took to the close to nature products I went through a few and she wouldnt budge I also breastfed so they helped alot.

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