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CoolXChange Compression & Cooling Gel Bandage

Injuries happen. It’s a fact of life. Particularly if you have children, like to push yourself physically or you are clumsy like myself, which unfortunately two of my children are!

We go through a lot of band-aids, bandages and anti-inflammatory gels. Not to mention our ice packs get a workout. Just like many other households I’m sure. Which is why I want to share CoolXChange with you, a gel bandage I have just discovered.

CoolXChange bandages

What is CoolXChange

Up until a short time ago I had never heard of CoolXChange, which leads me to believe that many other families haven’t either. And I want to share it because we have found it surprisingly helpful!

CoolXChange is a compression gel bandage that provides instant cooling relief for pain and inflammation. While that may not sound any more impressive than using an ice pack and a bandage, it is!

This bandage has the ability to cool for up to two hours without any refrigeration. Without having to keep it cold. Without having to do anything. More than that though, while it takes the heat out of your injury, the compression also provides immediate relief. I have had to use this a few times already as I have an ongoing wrist injury and the difference between using CoolXChange and not, is a lot less swelling and days in pain.

CoolXChange bandages on wrist

How does CoolXChange work?

The CoolXChange gel bandage takes the R.I.C.E first-aid method to the next level. For those unfamiliar with R.I.C.E, it means: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate. The CoolXChange 2 in 1 bandage combines the cooling and compression stages of first-aid which allow for quick and effective treatment. I was expecting the bandage to be sticky, slimy or leave a residue but surprisingly there was none of this.

The heat from your muscle injury is transferred out through evaporation allowing the cooling and compression to reduce swelling.

Who can use CoolXChange?

Anyone over the age of 5 can use the CoolXChange gel bandages. This product is great for injuries and strains but it is also a great preventative.

CoolXChange gel bandages

How to use it

This bandage is incredibly easy to use. I strapped my own wrist when I hurt it.

Simply open the packet and wrap the bandage around the injured area three times for greatest effect. When you have wrapped it, cut the bandage to preserve the rest and press the end onto the bandage until it adheres. No need for pins, clips or bandage grippers.

The fact this gel compression bandage is ready to go, it is reusable and it is easy to use, has earnt CoolXChange a place in our first-aid kit. You can find out more, get your own here or enter to win!

CoolXChange gel bandages

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  1. Laine Dasecke
    26/10/2017 / 8:20 pm

    Definitely a must have for the first aide box for those accidental bumps and boo boo’s

  2. Deanne Deluca
    28/10/2017 / 3:00 pm

    my teenagers play a lot of sport so we get a few injuries this would be very useful

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