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Destroying A Child’s Belief In The Easter Bunny

Today I witnessed a small child’s heart break. Their innocence and ability to believe in the unseen came crashing down around them.

Easter bunny belief

I was out taking a walk with my children when I heard a mother yell with frustration. Naturally I looked around expecting to find a child not listening, running onto the road or worse; but what I saw was something quite different. The mother was kneeling down in front of her daughter on the footpath near what I assume is their home; if you hadn’t heard the previous commotion this would not look unusual for any parent. Unfortunately what followed next was just heartbreaking.

“The Easter Bunny is not real so don’t expect any Easter eggs tomorrow!” The child who appeared to be about 5 years old, looked confused, upset and naturally started crying.

Easter bunny belief

My mothering instincts wanted me to rush over and give the little girl a cuddle and tell her that the Easter Bunny is in fact real and if she believes that he is, he will come.
But, another part of me said this is not your place, stay out of it. While I know that both sides of my emotions were right to feel they did, the nurturing side died a little knowing that a small child was denied the magic of Easter.

Easter bunny belief

Children grow up far too quick these days and I cannot speak anyone except myself, but I want to prolong my child’s ability to believe in the magic of holiday characters for as long as I can. The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa and of course his elves.

Kids will only believe in them for so long before you can never get that innocence back. I know they will hear from children at school that these fictional magical characters aren’t real but until my children ask me and want an honest answer, they have the right to believe. I will not take that away from them!

Easter bunny belief

A child is full of wonder, trust and unwavering belief in magic. Why would any parent want to destroy that? 

**Edited to add: I do not know the circumstances of this family or their religious status which very well may have played a part in what I saw today. I also did not have the intent to judge the mother when writing this post, I was more trying to discuss that I feel children should be allowed to believe in these magical characters for as long as possible in a generation where children ‘grow up’ too fast.

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  1. Mel Roworth
    27/03/2016 / 7:56 am

    Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth fairy… They are all parts of childhood that I really loved, not for the gifts but for the magic. I am grateful that I can offer my kids the same magic.
    It is sad to think some children are denied that sense of wonder but you’re right, circumstances don’t always allow.

    • 30/03/2016 / 11:04 pm

      Yes I too am grateful that my kids can experience the magic. They aren’t kids for long enough so just let them have it I think.

  2. 27/03/2016 / 11:03 am

    It’s always a difficult balance when parenting – my 5yo, who is more interested in science than stories – it’s very suspicious of the physics involved in the holiday creature myths. However, I don’t think it’s ever okay to use the truth as a weapon against a child. It sounds like this mum did it in the heat of the moment, and perhaps will come to regret it.

    • 30/03/2016 / 11:02 pm

      Yeah I agree it is a tough balance. My kids have asked questions like why does the wrapping look just like the stuff in the shops, how could they possibly get to everyone in time, etc. and I don’t want to crush the magic until they ‘really’ know. Yes for whatever reason this mum did it, I hope she doesn’t regret it.

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