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GUEST POST – Welcome to the ‘hood’

A big thanks to Leigh for writing this guest post.

Welcome to the ‘hood’
By Leigh from Six by the sea

My friend has recently had her first child and as we do, we’ve all surrounded her with congratulations, oooooh, aaaahhhhs, gifts, tilted, loving heads, admiring eyes….. All that is lovely about a new baby and a new mummy.

Welcome to the hood sista! Im penning this for you. Read it when you are good and ready……. For the rest of us old hands, lets rejoice in everything ‘motherhood’….. ready, lets go……

So my darling friend, do you like roller coasters? Well hang on tight cause this one is going to be the fastest, longest roller coaster you’ve ever ridden, choc a block full of unexpected twists and turns! Its will begin the moment you give birth… hang on, scrap that, it actually begins once that precious seed is planted! Your body, your mind, your plans are no longer in your control. You may be pregnant and tired but you ain’t getting to sleep! But when you finally do get to sleep, heartburn or cramps are going to kick in and make sure that you wake as though you never rested!!!

Once that beautiful baby is in your arms life as you knew it will never be the same. Yes, yes, you can keep telling everyone that you aren’t going to change your ways to suit the baby but what you don’t realise is, is that the baby has an agenda and you are under its spell! Here are some tips to help you out..

Lesson number 1: Don’t EVER verbally praise your baby, somehow they understand all that you have said (even if they are in another room) and from that moment on they do the opposite to what you’ve singed their praise for! This is my solemn promise……. Never ever verbally praise….. you will be sorry!

Lesson number 2: Never leave home without a spare set of everything! Make it 2 spares. There’s a theory. If you are prepared for it, it wont happen. Don’t even tempt fate by being unprepared, you don’t want to have to put yourself through the turmoil!!!!

 Lesson number 3: Don’t book or plan anything for the first 6 weeks. You can be guaranteed that any time you choose to meet a friend or make an appointment, will definitely not suit! This may seem a little dramatic but I swear to you, its true. Fly by the seat of your pants for a while, be spontaneous, take each day as it comes. Others will understand. *** This lesson seems to carry on throughout the child’s life as you can bet that if you have had something on the calendar that you have been looking forward to, you wont be going due to reasons that you cant control……. I dare you to challenge this one!***
 Now, don’t take it all as a negative thing. There are many wonderful moments along the way, I promise. Once you get beyond the tantrums, teething, bed wetting, biting, hitting, attitude, talking back, embarrassment, hormonal teenage years, driving, clubbing and dating, then should come marriage and with any luck, this is the chance to step back and start enjoying your life again.

So, go forth, Revel in your new role as a mother, and although it may seem otherwise, I can tell you with all of my heart, never have I achieved something in my life that has given me so much joy, love and pride…… I say this to you with abundance of truth and not a word of a lie, and I am happy to say you are now officially a member of the ‘hood’. Enjoy xxxx

Author Bio:  Leigh is a happily married mum to four boys, a nurse who is considering a future in midwifery and a lover of life and all of its future adventures. Leigh’s ultimate dream is to have a regular gig writing a column. She blogs over at Six By The Sea and can be found hanging out on facebook here.

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