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House Inspections Don’t Have To Be Painful

House Inspections Don’t Have To Be Painful

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Trusting your house to tenants is a gamble. Even when you have a landlord that has handpicked renters it is hard to know whether your property is being looked after and the condition it is in.

You work hard to pay for your investment property and set yourself up for the future, the last thing you want is for tenants to cause damage. Even worse, not know until it’s too late. Finding a great landlord or real estate agent will help reduce the risk of this happening but there are additional options that will give you peace of mind.

Keeping track of your property

Wanting to know the condition of your rental property is not unreasonable and there are a few ways you and your rental agent can make this more efficient. Here are some things you should know about renting your house.

Regular inspections

Your real estate agent should hold house inspections on a regular basis. It is a good idea to start tenants with 3 monthly inspections until you feel comfortable to increase the duration between checks. Even then, they should only be extended to 6 monthly.

It is a good idea to also check the property out with the agent once a year so you can see all the nitty gritty details of the property to ensure it is in fact in top condition.
While renters typically dread inspection day, it is crucial as the owner of the property that they happen. Regardless how great your tenants are or have been in the past, it is an investment that you want to remain profitable.

house inspection

Get photos

Real estate agents will most often fill in a tick and flick form letting you know if something was dirty but what about the rest? What about the gardens, flyscreens and patched walls? Photos allow owners to see the whole picture without having to physically be at the property; which makes it more convenient when you live interstate or long distances from your investment.
A lot of agents don’t send photos though because they claim it is too time consuming sending numerous emails due to the size of the images. These agents clearly haven’t heard about Inspection Manager.

Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager is a platform that offers convenience and efficiency for both real estate agents and property owners. As a result of how user-friendly this app is, homeowners benefit because they gain a greater understanding of the condition their property is being kept in by their tenant. Inspection Manager makes the process significantly easier for property managers to take detailed notes and generate easy-to-read reports.
Thanks to the mail merge functionality within the system, completed PDF reports can be sent directly to the homeowner as soon as the report is finalised.

Take the stress out of your investment property by keeping up to date with detailed reports and images that show every scuff or damage to the property. If you are a homeowner that rents out their property, tell your agent about Inspection Manager for a simplified and efficient process that keep everyone happy!

How do you ensure your property is kept in top condition?

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