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How to have a spotless kitchen without using harsh chemicals

When we decide to tackle the mess in our kitchens, we want it over and done with quickly and painlessly. This usually involves using the harshest chemical cleaning products in our arsenal to complete the job. However the use of these superior cleaning potions causes a myriad of health issues including skin irritation, asthma, fertility disorders and even cancer. Not to mention how light headed you feel after spending the good part of an hour in the oven with a chemical product wafting into every pore. These cleansers also have the ability to harm the environment by polluting the waterways. If you have children, is this really what you want them exposed to? I know I don’t! Luckily, there are some old fashioned and natural alternatives that if you don’t mind a little elbow grease, are just as effective as the super-tough cleaners you find at the supermarket. Here’s how to clean your kitchen the greener way.


Use Citrus to Cut Grease and Kill Bacteria

You may have noticed that many chemical based cleaners are laced with citrus for cleaning grease in the kitchen. As we now know, these products are not safe, but thankfully you can make your own alternative. Just by soaking orange or lemon peels in clear vodka or vinegar for a few weeks, then mixing it in with water when you are ready to use, you have you very own natural cleaner that will cut through that stovetop residue.

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Vinegar and Water Joins To Make Your Windows Sparkle

Forget window cleaner, good old vinegar is back to help make your windows shine. It’s simple really, all you need to do is pour white vinegar and water into a bucket and you’ve just ensured yourself some streak free windows.

Baking Soda Fixes Everything

My Grandmother used to say that baking soda fixed everything, and she wasn’t wrong! Baking soda is a miracle cleaner that when mixed with water forms an alkaline liquid. This has the ability to cut through grease and dirt on virtually every surface. You don’t even have to mix it with anything to experience its cleaning power. Used in neat form, it is great for scrubbing through problem stains. However if you need that little bit of extra power, spray a little vinegar on the area for a bubble like effect that even the kids will love scrubbing off.

Make a Volcano in Your Drain

Once again, vinegar and baking soda save the day. We all know drains can get built up over time but the last thing we want is to pour harsh chemicals straight into our waterways. Instead, pour a quarter of a cup of baking soda into your drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Wait until the bubbling subsides and rinse with water.


Deodorize Your Home the Old Fashioned Way

While there’s always essential oils and perfumes to make your kitchen smell pretty, these ways often mask the smell instead of eradicating it. For a greener alternative, mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and any other delicious smelling spices you may have on your rack into a pot of boiling water. Leave and the aromas perform their magic.


Of course, if the job is too big or you are too busy to find the time to clean the entire kitchen, then leave it up to the experts AMC Australia , who specialise in natural cleaning alternatives. Happy cleaning!

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