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Sleepover Etiquette – The Dos And Don’ts

The time eventually comes for every child to embark on their first sleepover and in turn, host a sleepover.

This excitement is hard for kids to contain and while every effort to ensure they have a great time is taken, a degree of sleepover etiquette needs to be taken into consideration.

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The benefits of sleepovers for kids

There seems to be a lot of discussion happening of late about the end of an era for sleepovers. Some points are warranted however it appears that a lot of the benefits are also being forgotten. Sleepovers are a vital part of childhood and offer many benefits, some of them include:

  • Try new things – It gives them the opportunity to try new things that your family wouldn’t usually do; different foods, different games and to take part in other children’s hobbies.
  • Experiences other home life – Sleepovers give children an insight into how other families live. It can often be an eye-opener for kids as they realise not every family has the same rules,  expectations or way of life.
  • Strengthens relationships – There is just something about sleepovers that take schoolyard friendships to the next level. Maybe it’s the excitement of staying up all night or maybe it is sharing a mutual love of being hyped up on snacks and playing computer games or painting each other’s nails.

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Sleepover etiquette 101 

There are a few simple things that should be considered when your child is engaging in sleepovers as a host or guest, so make sure they are old enough to do the following:

  • Follow the rules – The child hosting the sleepover should tell their friends the house rules. This does not mean they need to be given a list of rules when they visit, more so that if they do something they shouldn’t be, they are informed. Eg. Jumping on mattresses “We do not jump on mattresses here, please don’t do that.”
  • Use manners – Whether your child is expected to use their manners at home or not, if they are welcomed into someone else’s home they should display basic manners. Please and thank you goes a long way, particularly if they would like a sleepover invitation in the future.
  • Pack away before you move away – Kids will be kids and in the excitement of having a slumber party they will often forget about the mess. Having the kids do a quick tidy up of the bedroom or area they were playing in before they go home will save the hosts parent’s a great deal of time.
  • Have fun!

Sleepovers are supposed to be full of fun, laughter and memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. By following these simple rules in sleepover etiquette, your child will experience many late nights with their best friends in the spirit of fun.

What would you add to this list of sleepover etiquette?


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  1. 27/08/2018 / 8:17 am

    Oh sleepovers. I was not a fan of more than one person coming to stay with our kids. However, I like your advice and ideas. Sleepovers are quite a childhood rite of passage.

    Shaking things up a bit today as I have linked up. I have written a What I Wore post each week of August so decided to share the last one today.

    Your page looks awesome Kel, great work!

    Denyse x

  2. 27/08/2018 / 12:37 pm

    Packing up is so important, although the kids never think so!!!!

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