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Tips to finding the perfect dress

If you are anything like me, you’re tired of just wearing what’s on the top of the pile. Sure, it’s comfortable and that’s why you wear it. A LOT. But the day comes when you want to dress in something that makes you feel alive. That lifts your mood and spirit. An outfit with a burst of life.

Mums put their childrens needs before their own for years and put their own wants on the back burner. That is one of the main reasons mums seem to wear the same thing each and every day. That trusty outfit that has been through hell.

It’s time to step out of your ‘same outfit, different day’ and add a few new dresses to your wardrobe. Add some life to your dull selection. But how do you find the perfect dress? What do you look for?

tips to find the perfect dress

How to find the perfect dress

There are so many styles of dresses and everyone has their own preference but for the purpose of getting the basics right… here are a few tips on what to look for.

  1. Dress for the season
    There is no point buying the perfect summer dress in the dead of winter. Unless of course you can layer it with tights, a jacket and boots. To get the most out of your dress, purchase it for the upcoming season so you get at least 6 solid months of use before the weather changes.
  2. Choose fabrics that feel good
    Opting for fabrics that feel good on your skin, will not only look good but will make you feel good too. For me, I love soft cottons that don’t scratch or make me itchy. And a big one… fabrics that breathe. You might prefer the feeling of satin on your skin or linen, but whichever your fabric of choice… make sure you are comfortable in it.
  3. Style to suit your comfort level
    Every woman has a style they are most comfortable in. For some, it might be a loose knee length dress with a square neckline. Others will go crazy for a short and tight spaghetti strap style. The perfect dress should make you feel comfortable, make you feel beautiful, sexy, cute and above all else… happy.
  4. The ‘Must Haves’
    There are a number of different things that women look for in a dress. The ‘must haves’. For me, it’s pockets. I need pockets. For others, it might be tummy control or flowy design. Sleeves instead of singlet style. Open back instead of full coverage. Find the dress that has your must-haves and you’ll get your money’s worth.
  5. Affordability
    Speaking of money, buy within your budget. If you can’t afford a $100 dress, don’t break your bank just to have the latest fashion. Be patient and keep looking, there is a dress that will fit all your requirements and be within your budget.

Mums want more than to just be comfortable. We want to look good too. We want to feel good. It’s time to do something for you!

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