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5 Ways to Find the Perfect Balance between Teaching and Motherhood

Being a full-time mom is one of the most hectic tasks. But many women choose to work alongside being a mother to their children so that they can provide a comfortable lifestyle for them. But that doesn’t make any of these tasks any less challenging.

Working 8 hours a day in school, teaching children, and coming home to tend to a home and provide care for a child can sometimes be testing. This means that many ladies are struggling to find the right balance between motherhood and career. They are either compromising on one of the two or their own physical and emotional health.

Teaching and Motherhood

Some ladies may feel discouraged or frustrated if they feel that they are not good at balancing all the important aspects of their life. Therefore, we are aiming to help you by giving you some tips on how you can find the perfect balance between teaching and motherhood.

1. Shift to online education

Being a teacher means that you have to continue the learning process regardless. Hence, many opt to acquire higher education to excel in their career and find better career opportunities. But pursuing higher education while working and being a mother triples the load, and you may end up with burnout within the first month.

The easiest solution in this regard is to pursue higher education online. For example, if you want to pursue a master’s degree to progress in your teaching career, opt for an online masters of education degree. Online education provides time flexibility, which can help you manage your schedule better. With that, we come to our second point…

2. Make a schedule

As a teacher, you understand the importance of schedules and how it plays a crucial role in helping children manage their daily activities. But scheduling is not only limited to children; it is just as beneficial for adults. Hence, the most obvious solution to balancing your career and motherhood is to make a schedule.

Keep in mind that making an arbitrary schedule that you mentally commit to following won’t work here. You may forget things when you’re busy or may need to prioritize any other pressing matter over them. Therefore, sit down and write your schedule in a journal or planner. Pay heed to how many activities you are assigning yourself in a day. The idea is to simplify things, not make them more complicated. You can also use a calendar application to keep track of your schedule through notifications. Lastly, always keep an hour or two for yourself and your family within that hectic schedule so that you don’t go to bed exhausted and feeling guilty.

3. Learn to say no

If you want to maintain a successful balance between teaching and motherhood, then you must learn to say no. It may be extra difficult for you if you have an extra helping nature, but helping others at the expense of your physical and mental health is not worth it. While there is nothing wrong with helping others from time to time, sometimes you have to learn to say no, even if it makes you feel uncaring or selfish. The reason is that you are at the risk of compromising your duty as a mother and as a teacher if you keep on lending your help to others. Therefore, learn to say no to overtime or when anyone asks you for extra tasks. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be harsh. You can make the other person understand your commitments and situation. But maintain your stand if the other person refuses to understand or sympathize with your situation.

You should also learn to say no to your kids. They should know that even if you are away or busy during the day, you still maintain authority and have the right to accept or decline their requests as you seem fit for the family. But give them a short explanation alongside your decline to make them understand your stand.

4. Plan your meals

One of the hardest tasks of managing a household while pursuing a career is coming home and getting your meal ready from scratch. Not to mention that you must prepare all three meals daily and keep all the picky eaters in mind. For this reason, take out some time on the weekend and plan your meals for the whole week. Planning your meals will help you stay ahead of schedule and save money as you can plan meals to use all the groceries available in your fridge and pantry. After planning the meals, list down all the ingredients for the week and go grocery shopping. Doing so will also save your money and the time wasted every other day on grocery shopping.

Apart from that, meal planning also ensures that you and your family eat healthier meals. As working parents often tend to eat out or order takeaways, meal planning prevents that as you already have all the ingredients you need to whip up a quick dinner.

5. Organize your days

One way to find a balance between parenting and teaching and doing both jobs phenomenally is to organize your days. This means that you must prepare ahead for all the activities you must conduct in the coming week. It is similar to meal planning but more concerned with other planning perspectives. For example, you can plan weekly lessons on Monday, prepare instructions on Tuesday, assign one day to grade, and catch up on pending tasks the rest of the days. Similarly, you can make Saturday your laundry day so you can spend Sunday with your family in any way you please. This will help you organize your tasks for work but also help you become a better mother. Since organizing saves a lot of time, you will have more time to spend with your family and focus on your child.


Even though balancing a career and parenting at the same time is challenging, it doesn’t have to be draining or difficult. Since both responsibilities are massive and hold significant importance, shirking anything is not a choice. So when times get tough, and you find yourself burning out or hitting a slump, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Taking a mental leave from work or even a day away from kids can help relax and rejuvenate your energy significantly.

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