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How Is Good Lighting Is Important For Your Home?

How Good Lighting Is Important To The Appearance Of Your Home

Don’t settle with boring and out dated lighting. Make your home shine!

Thanks to renovation shows like House Rules, more and more people are taking DIY into their own hands. They now know that updating their lighting is not only affordable but also beneficial to the appearance of their home.

Good Lighting Is Important | All Mum Said

The benefits of good interior/exterior lighting

Lighting can completely alter the aesthetic appeal of a room. With a small change, you can transform your home from dark and dingy to bright and homey. Here is how:

Good Lighting Is Important | All Mum Said

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting serves more than one purpose. Yes, it is great for adding street charm and focal points but it also offers a safety aspect.

• Use unique lighting options to create a talking point.

• Path lighting not only looks great but is the most common form of safety lighting on the exterior of the home.

TIP: Exterior lighting shouldn’t be too bright. Keep it dull so you don’t produce dark areas of yard that could result in safety hazards.

Good Lighting Is Important | All Mum Said

Interior lighting

Interior lighting can change the entire outcome of a room. By strategically placing lights in a certain way to maximise lighting, it completely alters the ambiance of a room.

• Bright rooms appear larger; this is why natural light is just as important as artificial lighting.

Light tones – White is the brighter option but it often makes the room feel colder. Tinted and yellow tones are not as vibrant but give the room a warmer feel.

Dimmers – These are a great option for living, dining and family rooms because you can alter the intensity of light emitted to suit the current activity. Dimmers are also great power savers!

• Consider making pictures or artworks a feature in the hallways, stairs and entries by positioning lights to showcase them.

Light fixtures can transform your décor. Make sure you choose ones that compliment your personal tastes and your homes interior!

Look at places like Urban Lighting for a diverse range of interior and exterior styles to suit your individuality.

TIP: Make sure your lighting and fixtures are practical for your family and the style of your home!

Good Lighting Is Important | All Mum Said

How to improve lighting

Each room requires something different to get the most benefits from your lighting upgrade.

Kitchen – Lights should be bright. This is so you can see what you are doing whilst cooking and give you a safe and comfortable space to prepare meals.

Bathroom – By placing lights on either side of your mirror you will have ample lighting that is even with minimal shadows.

Family room – If space permits, the use of a floor lamp or large pendant lighting instead of a table lamp will do wonders. This will create an interest point and add dimension to the room.

Bedrooms – Add bedside lamps with individual switches. This provides a relaxing environment and allows comfortable and convenient reading.

Good Lighting Is Important | All Mum Said

You may be tempted to purchase a cheaper alternative but investing in high quality fixtures and lighting is worth the outlay! Just remember that for safety reasons and to reduce hazards, any wiring should be done by a qualified electrician.

By modifying your interior and exterior lighting, you are improving not only the appearance of your home but also the practicality and mood of each individual room.

How has modifying the lighting benefited your home?

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