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6 Things to Consider Before Moving House

6 Things to Consider Before Moving House

Moving houses takes a lot of planning, energy and brainpower. As the date looms closer, you may feel overwhelmed at certain tasks and feel completely unsure of where to start. To make the process a whole a lot easier, check out six things you should consider before you whip out the packing tape and cardboard boxes.

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1. Should you keep it, store it or bin it?

Sometimes it’s impossible to know if you should keep that family dining table or invest in a new one for your next home. If you’re finding it difficult to find some direction in organising your belongings, work through Fort Knox’s handy chart below to see what should stay, what should be thrown or donated and what can be packed away in secure storage.

before moving house | All Mum Said

2. Stay connected

Don’t start packing the moving trucks before you’ve organised internet and your landline for your new place! If you require some help in getting your internet, home phone and Wi-Fi set up, talk to a technician in advance – they can sometimes be booked with jobs for weeks. Try to time the set-up before you start moving so you aren’t disconnected at all once you step foot in your new home.

3. Update your address

There’s nothing worse than loving life in your new home until you receive a call regarding overdue bills you completely forgot about… because you didn’t redirect your mail to your new address. To avoid unnecessary stresses, be sure to notify your post office, government offices and any companies you’re linked to about your move. In particular, notify your car registration and insurance company, banks and subscription services, and update your details on the electoral roll.

4. Insurance

Call your insurance provider before you move to ensure your current policy expires the day after you’ve moved out, and that your new policy starts before you move in. This means all of your belongings are covered the moment you step foot in your new home.

5. Get to know the new area

This could be something you and your family do once you’ve moved into your new home, but changing neighbourhoods is often easier when you are already familiar with the streets and main facilities. If you haven’t already, take a drive around the new area to discover local gems, like a fantastic Thai restaurant, great shops and local parks. Meeting your neighbours would be an extra bonus as well; transitions are often easier and more enjoyable if you have a few friendly faces around.

6. Prepare a moving box

Avoid last-minute trips to the hardware store while trying to set up your furniture in your new home by preparing a moving box. Fill it with Allen keys, screwdrivers, screws, scissors and anything else you may need to make your new house a home.

While moving houses takes a lot of work, it provides the opportunity for new memories, new friends and the chance to change up your home décor.

What are your must do’s before moving house?

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