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5 Appliances You Need In Your Life

5 Appliances You Need In Your Life

There is no denying that modern appliances in our home make life so much easier. From doing simple daily chores to cooking up a storm in the kitchen and hosting a dinner party for friends and family, the job cannot be complete without a little help from technology and our trusty appliances.

Here are five appliances that you must have in your life. Do you have them all?

Washing Machine

Can you imagine how long it would take to wash, scrub and dry each piece of clothing you and your family wears? A good washing machine is a must for every busy household, so invest in a quality appliance that can stand the test of time. Specialist brands such as ASKO have a wide range of washing machines to suit every living space, and you can be assured that every machine is made to the highest standards of durability, sustainability and functionality.

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While it might seem easy enough to save money on an expensive dishwasher and instead wash dishes by hand, you’ll no doubt regret the decision in weeks, if not days. A busy weekday schedule means you have little time for household chores and cleaning during the working week, so you’ll appreciate the time and energy saved by having a dishwasher. Simply rinse and load plates, cutlery, glasses and cooking equipment into the dishwasher after using them, and turn it on overnight – it’ll feel like the cleaning fairies really do exist.

Food Processor

A food processor is one kitchen appliance you don’t realise how often you use until you don’t have one. Whether you use it to make fresh juices and smoothies in the morning, or to make your own sauces, spreads and sweet treats, a food processor (or strong blender) is a handy appliance that you simply cannot live without.

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Slow Cooker

Do you find yourself getting home late from work and dreading the thought of preparing a healthy, nutritious meal that the whole family will enjoy? Then you need to start experimenting with a slow cooker. Chop up and load all of your ingredients and spices into the pot in the morning and switch it on as you run out the door. You’ll come home to a delicious home-cooked meal and you’ll likely have leftovers for lunch the next day. They aren’t just a godsend for savoury dishes, either – you can create a whole heap of tasty desserts in these versatile life-savers.

Coffee Machine

Instead of visiting a local café every morning for your caffeine hit, invest in a good quality coffee machine for your kitchen and learn how to make a perfect cup at home. Although the investment at the start is high, over time you will save a lot of money and find you can make the perfect café coffee from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention you can whip up a great cuppa at the drop of a hat whenever you have visitors! You can’t lose when you have your own machine.

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What appliance could you not live without? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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      I have always wondered if the robot vacuums are worth having. With young children it would have to constantly follow them around. haha. May have to look at investing in one! Do you have a brand you recommend?

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