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19 Clever Ways to Use a Swaddle Blanket

A swaddle blanket is a gorgeous, versatile and welcome addition to any nursery. In all the patterns of the rainbow and any design you can think of, this cherished piece not only serves as a beautiful wrap for baby but for a plethora of other uses.

These beautiful items serve to keep baby warm and snug as they drift off to sleep. But that’s not all they can do! Here are 19 different ways you can use your swaddle blanket or muslin swaddle wrap around the home – don’t forget to add it to your nappy bag checklist!

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19 Ways? Let’s Count!

Here are 19 ways that you can use your swaddle blanket around the home.

1. Swaddle

The traditional way to use a swaddle blanket is to wrap your baby for comfort to help the transition to dreamland be smoother. Babies love to be tucked up nice and tight. Typically, you’ll fold your baby into the swaddle blanket, keeping their arms secure and their face clear, so they are wrapped up tightly. This helps fight against their startle reflex and assists in the process of a calmer night’s sleep.

2. Blanket

Muslin swaddle wraps can also be used as a blanket. Remember to position your baby down towards the bottom of the mattress as per SIDS guidelines. Gently tuck the swaddle blanket into the sides of the cot or crib to cover baby, leaving the chest and neck area clear, to help them transition to dreamland.

3. Sun Shade

Out for a picnic or a play at the playground? A swaddle blanket can be used to help protect baby from the sun. Ensure that you follow appropriate sun safety advice and still cover your baby in sunscreen and don’t merely rely on the swaddle blanket to act as an all-over shade. This is merely a suggestion to help keep the glare out of bub’s eyes while you watch your other little ones run and play.

4. Breastfeeding Cover

If you feel more comfortable covered up, the swaddle blanket (particularly the muslin swaddle wrap) is a great way to cover baby’s head while you breastfeed in public. You can adjust depending on whether you’re wearing a baby or not as well as looking stylish. Feed with pride!

5. Burp Cloth

A swaddle blanket is a versatile piece of fabric that can easily be used as a burp cloth. Drape one over your shoulder or under your babe as you burp them and use the blanket to wipe away any milk or formula that your baby releases.

6. Tummy Time Mat

Tummy time is essential, but there will be times when the floor is less than ideal. Put babe down on a wrap in style and comfort, dirt and germ-free, and watch them grow and play and interact with the world around them.

7. Towel

A soft cotton swaddle blanket is extra gentle on baby’s skin and the perfect option to gently wash and dry baby.

8. Scarf

There are such things as trendy swaddle blankets! When you get caught out by the cold weather, use a swaddle as a scarf. Dual-purpose!

9. Change Mat

For all of those times you have to change baby, and you don’t have a change mat at hand, simply lay baby down for a change using the swaddle blanket.

10. Shopping Cart Cover

Forget the custom made trolley cover and escape the germs by draping the swaddle blanket over the trolley before placing baby in the trolley.

ways to use a swaddle blanket - picnic

11. Sarong cover for Pool or Beach

As per the scarf suggestion, this is a great handy item that you can utilize as part of your wardrobe, particularly when, in the hurry of packing, you forget your actual sarong!

12. Gift Wrap a Baby Gift

Not only does this create the perfect surprise, this two in one gift is unique and environmentally friendly. Forget about one-time-use wrapping paper and go for the swaddle wrap!

13. Table Cloth

How many times have you gone for a picnic only to forget the table cloth?  You can save your picnic with a swaddle blanket. Use it as a table cloth and enjoy the day.

14. Hat

Gently wrap baby’s head in the swaddle blanket if you’ve forgotten a hat while you’re out and about.

15. Baby Wipes

Oh, the anxiety, you have no baby wipes left!  Don’t worry, swaddle blankets are easily washable and can be used to mop up all kinds of mess.

16. Change of Clothes

Us mums, our minds are always aloof because there’s always so much to think of. It’s so easy to forget a change of clothes. Why not improvise with a swaddle blanket to get you through.

17. Shawl

Cooler days mean layers. Use a trendy swaddle blanket as a shawl of your own which can then later double as a breastfeeding cover.

18. Toy Sack

An ingenious way to keep all of the toys in one place when you go out. Spread out the swaddle blanket, throw the toys in the middle and either knot up the material or tie it in place with a hairband.

19. Comforter

Baby’s love the smell of their mother; it can be soothing at sleep time. Wear the swaddle for a while to release your scent and then let bub snuggle up close with the swaddle blanket.

It’s evident from this list that a swaddle blanket is one of the most versatile baby products around so don’t stop at just one, make sure you have a decent collection in baby’s nursery. You’ll even find you’ll continue using them well past the baby years!

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