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Here’s Why Families NEED To Choose Bali Villas Instead Of A Hotel

Planning the perfect holiday involves covering so many different variables. Flights, family-friendly activities, pre-travel vaccinations, travel insurance, IN-DEPTH organisation – there are just so many things to think about! The most important of these is arguably your accommodation. Here’s why you need to ensure that when you travel to Bali, villas are your choice instead of hotels.

Bali Villas main bedroom

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Comfort and Relaxation

Blissing out in the courtyard of your own private villa. Watching the kids play in a pool that no one else is in but your family. Locking everything up tight and knowing that you’re all completely safe at night. Peace of mind goes a long way when it comes to an overseas holiday and you’re unlikely to find it in a crammed and crowded hotel.

One of the most common complaints from parents on holiday is that it often doesn’t seem like a holiday. It may well feel like you’re chasing after the kids, responding to endless cries of “I’m bored” and breaking up tantrums in a slightly different time zone instead of having an actual break. That’s where making the right choice to book somewhere that will help arrange activities OR give you enough space to spread out and chill is paramount. Cooped up in a tiny hotel room with four kids running around yelling at high volume? No thanks, that wasn’t in the brochure!

Safety and Flexibility

Choosing a hotel in Bali means you will be very much locked into the holiday that they want you to have. Choosing Bali villas, on the other hand, means that you’re closer to the ‘true’ Bali. You’ll be able to engage in a wider range of activities and you’ll be able to take advantage of a higher level of safety and quality checks.

Bali Villas for families with pool

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One Size Does NOT Fit All

Choosing the right Bali villa means examining a range of choices to see what the perfect abode will be for your family. Staying in a hotel means that you have to shape your family to match the room – it’s a cookie-cutter approach that leaves many families frustrated. Villas are individual so you have more variety to choose from and you can take your time making the selection that meet your specific criteria for the perfect holiday.

Bali Villas – The Better Choice

Bali Villas have been in operation for over twenty years ensuring that Australian travellers find the very best accommodation to suit exactly what they’re looking for. You can find out more right here.


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