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Meal Plan Week 37 – 2014

Not that I don’t love having a hectic schedule but I am so glad last week is over! Sometimes it is just nice to have a pleasantly slow week but they are beginning to feel like a distant memory here and I would love to have a taste of that again, soon. On another note totally unrelated; Father’s Day has now come and gone for another year and we are moving onto Christmas. Way to soon I might add. I saw Christmas trees set up in the shopping centre the other day was absolutely blown away, WAY TOO SOON!! Give me a minute to breathe already. Anyway that is enough out of me today, check out below for Meal Plan Week 37 – 2014.

Meal Plan Week 37 - 2014

Meal Plan Week 37 – 2014

Week commencing (8/09/2014)

Monday: Bacon and eggs with baked tomato and mushrooms.

Tuesday: Spiced grilled chicken, flavoured rice and vegetables.

Wednesday: Homemade sausage rolls, mashed potato and beans.

Thursday: Taco and tortilla night.

Friday: Grilled chicken, roast potatoes and bruschetta.

Saturday: Slow cooked beef stroganoff on rice.

Sunday: Cottage pie and vegetables.

I hope you have been inspired by this weeks meal plan( Meal Plan Week 37 – 2014 ). Every week I will share with you our menu and am more than happy to provide recipes, pictures and tips for any of them. If you would like a specific recipe for something entirely different I can also assist as my chef background and expertise has scored me some wonderful fail safe recipes that I’d love to share with you all. I’d love for you to leave some comments below if you liked something you saw or you have tried one of the ideas and would like to share your thoughts.

What have you got planned this week for dinner? Was there anything in my menu that caught your eye?

Check back each week for the new meal plan.

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