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Mother’s Choice offers 20% discount

The iconic Mother’s Choice is celebrating their 40th anniversary and they want to share their excitement with you by offering a 20% discount off everything online. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with B1 (8 and a half years ago); it was the shock of a lifetime. Like a lot of young families we didn’t have a lot of money so we went in search of good quality products that didn’t cost us more than we afford. We found a Mother’s Choice car seat similar to the Emperor convertible seat on sale and after researching safety, touching for quality and checking our budget, we purchased it. It was reasonably priced and suited our requirements perfectly. It provided enough padding that bub was going to be comfortable, it was easy to keep clean, simple to adjust and stress-free to install.

Mother's Choice discount

People often assume reasonably priced baby equipment means poor quality however we had that particular car seat for years. It had many spills, hours of babies/toddlers travelling in it and it eventually became the extra seat in our second car for when family and friends needed a babysitter. We never once had an issue with wear and tear, poor quality or have anything negative to say about the Australian nursery brand Mother’s Choice because as a company they catered to our wants and requirements when we needed it most.

Mother's Choice logo

There is a reason why brands like Mother’s Choice are able to celebrate the amazing achievement of turning 40 and it’s not sheer luck. It is determination, knowing what your customers desire, what they need, remaining innovative, up to date and wanting the best for their consumers while remaining budget friendly. Congratulations on this wonderful milestone, I expect to see many more in the future.

Mother's Choice discount

To take advantage of this great 20% deal please click the Mother’s Choice link above to view the website and use the CODE: 40th_20%_Discount
(Valid till end of August)

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Mother’s Choice however all opinions are my own.

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