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Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch

Keeping the bathtub toys tidy is a constant struggle. You want something practical but also something that is easy for the kids to put their bath toys away. We have always had a small tub on the edge of the bath for the kids to tidy their things up but now Dreambaby have released a fun way to store bath toys. Meet Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch.

Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch

Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch faces both ways on most bathtubs. Unfortunately mine is one of the tubs it doesn’t and are restricted to it facing in the bath as we have a tiled edge on our tub. Having it facing outwards would be fantastic for storing baby’s and toddlers dirty clothes or keeping a stash of washers at arms reach. The net bag is removable as well so you can simply take it out and through it into the washing machine every so often to keep it clean.

Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch

I love how easy Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch is to install. The adjustable brackets make it simple to sit over the edge of the bath tub and adjust it until it is tight enough to hold on. The adjustable brackets fit bath sides up to 13cm. Being able to air dry the kids bath toys is so much easier than having to make sure they aren’t filled with water or having to give them a wipe down prior to packing them away. Children simply open up Peli’s mouth, put their things inside and close his mouth again. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Because Peli is so fun he will have the kids wanting to put their toys away without being asked.

Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch

For more information and stockists of Peli’s Bathtub Play Pouch check out the Dreambaby website or purchase here from Shop 4 Kids for $39.95.

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Disclosure: I received the above product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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