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Safety 1st with a newborn

Bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital can be a very daunting experience for parents, especially first time parents.  They have so many questions, many of which you won’t find the answers to in books. Parents learn and gain experience on the job and it makes it so much easier when there are trusted brands that provide products to help reassure us, like Safety 1st. Some questions often asked are ~ How hot should the bath water be and how much do I fill it? What is that crusty stuff on my babies head and how do I get it off safely? My baby has a blocked nose and is struggling to breathe, how can I unblock his nose without causing him harm? My baby feels warm but how do I know if she has a temperature? How can I trim bubs nails without hurting him, he keeps scratching his face? The questions don’t stop, not even as they get older which is why Safety 1st offers a wide range of products to help make daily life with children easier.

safety 1st

Safety 1st

Safety 1st assists parents in being organised, safe with medicine, taking temperatures and other health related concerns by providing products that eliminate the guess work. The Bath Pal Thermometer and Bath Toy bag ensure your baby has the perfect bath temperature and you can store toys away neatly. When your baby has a blocked nose the Nasal Aspirator is safe and easy to use in removing excess mucus. Getting an accurate temperature is often a struggle for parents as babies like to squirm and move which is why Safety 1st have a range of thermometer options to suit everyone and their specific needs; you’ll find Pacifier thermometers, flash fever 1 second ear thermometers, quick read ear thermometers and a basic digital thermometers. Another very important concern parents have is administering medication for their babies and how they will often struggle to take it; the medicine set and pacifier medicine dispenser will help you there.

Hadley bath

You will also find wonderful items in the grooming range that allows you to safely trim babies nails, brush or comb their hair and if they have cradle cap Safety 1st has a Cradle Cap Care product available. I have only just recently discovered this and will be purchasing it as Poppet has had cradle cap from when she was a newborn and I’d love to get rid of it.

If you are a new (or new again) parent and want that extra bit of reassurance, check out the Safety 1st product range.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Safety 1st however all opinions are my own.

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