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The Growing Popularity Of Floor To Ceiling Windows

floor to ceiling windows

Exploring The Growing Popularity Of Floor To Ceiling Windows

As building techniques improve and fashions change, the size, shape and style of Australian homes continues to evolve. One of the most striking trends in architecture over recent years has been a move to bigger windows, with a rising number of property owners across the country opting for impressive floor-to-ceiling glazing. But what exactly has caused this phenomenon to take off? Why do we Aussies seem to think that, when it comes to windows at least, bigger is better?

Bathing rooms in natural light to boost our moods

floor to ceiling windows

One possible answer is the effect that natural light has on our moods. It’s well known the amount of sunlight we’re exposed to can have a big impact on how we feel and function. For example, it affects our production of the hormone melatonin, which in turn can make us feel more drowsy or alert. Light levels also help to control serotonin, a hormone that affects our mood, sleep and even appetite.

To get an insight into the importance of this issue, it’s useful to look at the impact of exposure to natural light on office workers. According to a study conducted by a team at Northwestern University in Illinois, employees with windows in the workplace reported a better quality of life, less disturbed sleep and fewer physical problems than their counterparts without access to sunlight during the working day.

So, by bathing our rooms in extra sunlight, we could be making ourselves happier and healthier. Even when people want privacy in their properties, they are often still keen to let the light stream in. This is why the translucent sunscreen blinds offered by specialist providers such as CurtainWorld are proving so popular. While offering seclusion, and protection from UV rays, they still allow lots of natural light to enter rooms.

Making the most of the views on offer

floor to ceiling windows

We’re certainly not short of impressive views in Australia. From serene ocean vistas to undulating mountain ranges and seemingly endless plains, there are a multitude of scenes to celebrate. Many of the homes with super-sized windows overlook these spectacular landscapes, and this floor-to-ceiling glazing allows their owners to make the very most of the terrain around them.

Buildings designed in this way help people to feel part of their environments when they’re in their properties, rather than being cut off from them.

The epitome of sleek modern design

floor to ceiling windows

Then there’s style to consider. These large windows can give properties a sleek, contemporary look that helps to set them apart from more traditional builds. The abundance of glass gives them a minimalist, light and clean appearance that epitomises the best of modern design. Both from the inside and the outside, these features can look simply stunning. They work especially well in uncluttered houses with airy, open plan interiors.

Given the myriad benefits associated with floor to ceiling windows, it’s no surprise that a rising number of people across Australia, and around the world, are choosing to incorporate them into their properties.

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