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Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

When my daughter turned two last week I pondered what to get her for months prior. She is just showing an interest in children shows characters, princesses, etc. She is a very girly girl but also loves playing with her big brothers cars and LEGO. I have put together a gift guide for girls aged approximately two years old, some of this Poppet got, other stuff she had and some were shown great interest.

Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

Tee Pee – Spotlight

Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

A gorgeous addition to any bedroom or playroom, this kids tee pee comes in a range of patterns and colours to suit every child. It is larger and better quality than I was expecting, an adult can sit inside with ease. It can be machine washed when dirty. RRP $65.00 from Spotlight but I picked it up on sale for $45.00 so just keep an eye out.

Kids Dyson Vacuum Cleaner – Toys ‘R’ Us

Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

Poppet has a love of vacuuming so we thought it was only fitting she got one of her own. I love that this little kids Dyson looks exactly like it’s parent model and even has real working suction. RRP $49.95 from Toys ‘R’ Us.

Girly Stuff – Pink Poppy

Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

As mentioned earlier Poppet is a girly girl so it was only natural she would get a handbag, bracelets and a necklace. I have always been a fan of Pink Poppy products because they always delight my daughter and the quality is second to none. With bright colours, sparkles and a range that extends beyond the above mentioned, they will be your one stop brand for the little girl in your life. Prices start as low as $2.50 from Pink Poppy.

My Little Pony – Big W

Gift Guide Girls 2 Years Old

They are magical and a pony! What else needs to be said? With an increasingly large range available in several sizes, there is one to suit the pony lover in your life. The one we got Poppet RRP $14.95 from Big W.

Globber Scooter 4 in 1

Globber scooter 4 in 1

I have talked about this product on the blog before and it is still a huge hit 3 months down the track. It is her go to ride and why would it not be? It is fun, exciting and versatile. CLICK HERE to read my Globber 4 in 1 review.

Vintage Tea Set – Tiger Tribe

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Poppet is a lover of picnics and tea parties so she already this vintage tea set from Tiger Tribe however I thought it would make the perfect gift for a little girl who is now expressing an interest in being like mum. RRP $34.95 from Tiger Tribe.


After having only boys I struggled a little with adjusting to what little girls like but now that Poppet is getting her own personality and style, it is becoming a breeze.

What other products would you recommend for girls approximately 2 years old?

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