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The Benefits of a Good Mattress for Your Family’s Health

Reports suggest that four out of ten Australians experience insufficient sleep regularly, giving rise to chronic diseases and mental health issues, besides increasing the risk of accidents and reducing productivity. Children suffer compounded effects of sleep deprivation with restrictive growth, weakened immunity, and increased risks of obesity topping the charts.

It is worthwhile to mention here that 9-11 hours of sleep is considered sufficient for children in the age group of 6 to 17 years, while adults between 26 to 64 years need 7-9 hours of sleep a day.

Benefits of a Good Mattress - woman waking up from bad sleep. Sore back

What leads to inadequate sleep?

Sleep disorders, health issues like pain and breathlessness, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and behavioral and lifestyle are some of the main culprits.

The mattress is considered one of the lifestyle triggers of insufficient sleep that comes between you and a good night’s restful sleep, directly affecting your health, fitness, mood, productivity levels, and so on.

You must be wondering, how? Read on to know more about how a good mattress aids you and your family’s health.

Uninterrupted sleep for quality rest

If the mattress you lie on to sleep is uncomfortable, you will be restless all night, resulting in disturbed sleep. Disturbed sleep means that your body is not getting the right amount of rest it needs to rejuvenate. The result is poor health and high levels of stress, culminating in reduced quality of life.

Massages the pressure points of your body

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or in the fetal position, the nerve cells under pressure get stressed due to lack of blood circulation, thus alarming the pain sensors of the region. The right mattress will take the exact form of your body’s position to relieve the pressure on the nerve cells and ensure that you get rested well.

A good mattress has your back

A well-made mattress is supportive of your tired bones and muscles. Popular belief is that the firmer the mattress, the better it is for back support. However, research reveals that people suffering from lower back pain get comfort on a medium-firm mattress.

Align your spine right for good sleep posture

Sleeping on a mattress that does not support your spine for eight hours straight every day will lead to poor sleep posture followed by back pain. A soft, plush mattress may seem inviting but will sink too far away, thus misaligning the natural curvature of your spine.

Eliminate snoring with easy night-time breathing

Snoring is a nuisance to the person sleeping next to you, not to mention the disruption it causes to your sleep quality. A mattress that offers firm support to your head and neck will prevent the obstructions in the airways that cause you to snore.

Prone to allergies? Choose hypoallergenic mattresses

Mattresses attract allergens and dust that may trigger allergic reactions like blockage of the nasal path, throat congestion, besides aggravating conditions in asthmatic individuals. Mattresses with denser structures have antimicrobial properties, making them resistant to mold, allergens, and dust mites. These mattresses will help you sleep better and sneeze lesser.

Benefits of a Good Mattress - man snoring

It is surprising how a simple mattress can have such an effect on your health and life, impacting your posture, blood circulation, weight, stress levels, mental stability, and productivity.

Did you, by any chance, while reading this article, realize that you are one of those Australians who are not getting sufficient sleep?

In that case, it is time to go shopping. Buy a mattress online and ensure that you get your daily quota of sleep to give a boost to your health, productivity, and overall quality of life.

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