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Buying the Best Cookware: 6 Things You Should Consider

When you’re equipped with the right cookware, life in the kitchen will be more enjoyable. But, finding the ideal cookware isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If you walk into a store right now, you’ll be faced with tons of options. So, how do you know which pieces are perfect for you? By keeping the following six things in mind during your shopping, you’ll be able to pick the best cookware for you.

buying the best cookware

1. The Foods You Cook

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s quite easy to forget the basics when you’re faced with shiny pots and pans that would look great in your kitchen!

When making your shopping list, only include cookware necessary for the types of foods you often cook. For instance, if you’re big on stir-fries, look for a stir-fry pan. If you love slow cooking your meals, search for Dutch ovens that serve the purpose. This way, you can ensure that you buy cookware that you’ll actually use.

2. Heat Conductivity

Various cookware has different heat conductivity rates depending on the materials they’re made with. Pots made with copper will heat up quickly, while cast iron cookware has poor conductivity.

Each of these attributes can be beneficial depending on the recipes you’ll be preparing. The secret is getting cookware with suitable conductivity for its intended purpose. For instance, a cast iron pot might not be the best for sautéing, but it’ll be perfect for slow cooker meals.

3. Materials

Some of the materials used to make cookware are stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and cast iron. Interior surfaces may be lined using non-stick materials such as enamel coating. The material used determines the price point of the cookware.

 It also affects its performance and durability in the kitchen. Every material has its pros and cons, but the best cookware is made with a blend of different metals to maximize the pros and minimize the disadvantages.

For instance, stainless steel pots look nice, don’t react with food items, and require minimal maintenance. But, they have poor heat conductivity. Manufacturers improve on this by cladding the stainless steel with better conductors like copper and aluminium. Concerning interior surfaces, Crumble cookware is your best bet. It’s non-stick so it keeps food from burning and allows you to use less oil for healthier meals.

4. Maintenance

How much time are you willing to spend ensuring that your pots and pans maintain their shiny, brand-new appearance?

It’s important to know what it takes to maintain various types of cookware. To spend less time scouring pans, go for options made with stainless steel, aluminium, and non-stick interiors. If they can go in the dishwasher, all the better. With pots made of copper or cast iron, you’ll need to dedicate time after every use or once in a while to keep them from appearing dull or rusting.

5. Handles

What materials are the handles made of, and are they fastened well? Sturdy, non-conductive handles are paramount in the kitchen for your safety. Plastic and wooden handles are great because they don’t conduct heat. But, metal handles made with poor conductors are more heat-resistant and can safely go in the oven.

6. Quantity of Food Cooked

You don’t want to end up with a pot that cannot hold enough food to feed your family or one that’s too big. The former is frustrating for obvious reasons, while the latter will cost you more for space you don’t need. Therefore, always check the pot sizes and ensure they’re suitable for the amount of food you usually make before purchasing.

Level Up Your Cooking Game With the Perfect Cookware

By keeping these six crucial considerations in mind, you’ll not end up with a pan or pot that takes up space in your cupboard but never comes out for duty! What’s better, you’ll be able to prepare each recipe efficiently because you’ll always have the right cookware for the job.

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