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Things To Do In Canberra & Why You Should Visit

Things To Do In Canberra & Why You Should Visit

Canberra is the capital of Australia, but it often gets overlooked in favour of cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. If you are planning to travel around Australia, you should definitely spend at least a few nights in this capital – and here’s why.

Things To Do In Canberra

It’s Close and Convenient

If you are staying in Sydney, it will only take you around 3 hours to drive to Canberra (you can also make the journey via plane or public transport). For scenic drive routes from Sydney, take the coastal Princes Highway to Batemans Bay, turn onto Kings Highway and head to Canberra via the Historic town of Braidwood. There are plenty of places along the way to stop and discover the south east of Australia.

It almost seems like it would be rude not to stay in Canberra for a few nights. If you’re traveling in a group,  the best option by far is to book an apartment within the city centre. This will save you time and money commuting to the city’s main attractions. Here are some good reasons to visit Australia’s capital.

It’s Mostly Free

Walking around Canberra to see the sights will cost you nothing, and there’s plenty more that you can do for free as well. Almost all museums and art galleries are free to enter, although there are some times during the year when special exhibitions demand a small entry fee. But the National Portrait Gallery, Australian War Memorial, and Canberra Museum and Gallery are all free.

It’s Active

If you love keeping fit, there’s plenty in Canberra that will appeal to you. Stromlo Forest Park is perfect for bicycle lovers, and there are plenty of amateur marathons that take place in the area. There’s also the Centenary Trail which you can walk or cycle, and once a year there’s a Walking Festival which takes place over 3 days.

It’s Gourmet

The food and drink scene in Canberra is really thriving, and particularly wine has a great reputation here. In fact, one of the wines produced here was served to the President of China when he recently visited Australia. There are also plenty of bustling markets to visit and festivals throughout the year honouring the food of the region.

things to do in Canberra

It’s Lakeside

The beautiful lake that fronts Canberra is a real hub for the city, providing a different atmosphere from what you would find in Australia’s coastal cities. You can also enjoy a lot of activities here, such as canoeing or kayaking, not to mention strolling by the shores. This iconic lakefront is also where you will find plenty of historic sites of interest.

It’s Well-Planned

Canberra was actually designed from the ground up to be a capital city, which is one of the reasons why it looks so great. It was put together in such a way that there would still be large areas of natural vegetation, and everything is easy to get to. The city roads are well planned out, and are not as chaotic as you might find elsewhere. Generally, it’s a joy to visit.

It’s Festival-Mad

There are tons of great festivals to visit in Canberra every year. You have the Hot Air Balloon Festival, in which hundreds of beautiful balloons take to the air. There’s Floriade, when the city comes to life with blooming flowers. Then there’s also Skyfire, where fireworks light up the sky and live music is hosted down below. There are festivals pretty much all year round, so your visit will always have that little something extra.

Things to do in Canberra

So why should you visit Canberra? Well, why wouldn’t you? There’s so much to offer in this capital city, which has certainly earned its place amongst the top tourist destinations in Australia.

What are your ‘must do’ things to do in Canberra?

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