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5 Toilet Training Tips for Boys

I have been told that toilet training boys is a completely different ball game to teaching girls. While I cannot comment on the accuracy of this statement, yet anyway. I do know that after teaching two boys how to use the toilet there were a few things that worked a treat for us and without these tips they would have been in nappies a lot longer. I hope these 5 tips help you and your son make the transition to independent toileting an easy one.

5 Toilet Training Tips for Boys

  Toilet Training Tips for Boys

This is one of the most stressful things for parents because we know how easy it is to do. Unfortunately children don’t until they learn how. Be patient with them. Children are ready at different ages so just because your first child or your friends child was toilet trained by a certain age doesn’t mean they all will. If they aren’t ready give them a few more months and try again. It’s ok if they don’t pick it up straight away. They will have accidents and you will get frustrated but they are trying.

Ask them every 20-30 minutes if they need to go and do a wee/poo. Yes it fills your day and it is very repetitive but that is how they learn. Consistent reminders are the key!

    1. Drop a ping pong ball into the toilet as a target for them to wee on. It makes it enjoyable for them and there is less chance they will wee all over the floor.
   2. Colour changing water. You can do this by adding a couple of drops of blue food colouring into the water or the blue cistern block used when you clean a toilet so when they wee the water *magically* turns green! This simple trick did wonders for the boys when they were toilet training.

Bribe your arse off! Give them stickers, stamps, match box cars, whatever they love – give it to them! We purchased a bulk amount of matchbox and hot wheel cars and stashed them in the cupboard so every time they successfully went to the toilet they got to pick a prize from the box. It’s a win – win!!

This goes without saying but even as adults we crave praise so it’s only natural children are going to want it. If they have gone to the toilet or have told you they need to go before weeing on the floor PRAISE THEM. If they know how proud you are and how excited it makes you they will want to continue to impress you.

*In addition to these main 5 tips I also want to share these:
1. Encourage good hygiene from day one by washing their hands with soap. I have also written Tips to Teach Kids Personal Hygiene which you may find to be handy.
2. Invest in toilet wipes that are flushable. It makes clean up easier for both them and you.

Do you have any must know toilet training tips for boys? Share them below.

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  1. 26/04/2015 / 9:11 pm

    I’m about to start TT my 20 month old boy, he’s very keen but I think he’s still a bit young! Is standing up or sitting down for wees better to start with?? So many things to learn! It was easy with my girl 🙂

    • 27/04/2015 / 10:17 am

      No harm in trying if he is interested. We always sat them down for wees until they were fully toilet trained and tall enough to actually get it in the bowl. haha. Good luck 🙂

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