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5 Ways to Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most versatile products you can use and it’s also one of the most underused. Not only does it clean well, it also vastly cuts down on the work you’ll otherwise have to do. Here are some handy ways you can use vinegar, as well as a few other household products to wipe down, deodorize and purify most of your house. It’s amazing how you can make it look like a business like AMC Commercial Cleaning has been to visit with the aid of a simple chemical.

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$2 bottle of vinegar cleans better than a lot of expensive cleaning brands

Wiping and Basic Cleaning

By just soaking a cloth with undiluted white distilled vinegar and wiping down countertops you can get rid of the worst of the mess as well as any stink. In addition by adding a couple of teaspoons of salt to a teaspoon of distilled vinegar you can make a paste that will clean even the most stubborn build-ups of grease and lime off countertops and sinks.


By soaking a cloth in half water and half vinegar you can get rid of the basic grim in the walls and shelves of the fridge, as well as getting rid of any rotting food odours that will have accumulated. If you’re going to the grime at the top of the fridge, don’t worry, vinegar has you covered there too, get rid of the water and just use full strength vinegar on a cloth to cut through like a hot knife through butter.

Regularly Touched Surfaces

Ever think about how many hand have been on your doorknob? Or keyboard? Or any second hand product you pick up? Think about it, then how many other things they will have touched before this. Grossed out yet? Fear not. Just spray a good spritz of vinegar onto the doorknobs and wipe them dry to get rid of the history.

Grills Stovetops and Microwaves

This part boils down to simplicity itself, just spritz some vinegar onto the affected surface and before it gets dry scrub the dirty parts vigorously. Everything should come right off with only a little difficulty and you’ll be ready to cook. You may want to consult someone for the exact amounts and possible mixtures of vinegar for this one, as it is right next to food.


Adding a wipe down of vinegar to any cleaning process is a great way to get rid of any ingrained smells. Wipe down the walls with it to get rid of that mildewy mouldy smell. When you’re dealing with the smell of an oven being cleaned add a vinegar wipe down to the walls to mask that awful odour. Vinegar will leave the worst smelling paces in your home fresh and give you a real sense of clean.

There are dozens more things vinegar can be used to clean. A full list would take pages upon pages. Suffice to say that if you need almost anything cleaned, vinegars going to be a part of the process.

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