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Preparing Your Child for High School – The Facts

High school is a confronting reality for many parents. It’s the end of so many things – friendships built from prep upwards, working closely with one teacher, and the end of them being your ‘little one’. It can be a daunting prospect for anyone; particularly the child who struggles and the one you fear will be left behind in the big pond that is a high school classroom.

So what can you do to help in preparing your child for high school? Here are a number of ideas that might well serve you and your child to make this a smooth transition.

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High school is very different to primary school. Your children will follow a timetable that will see them move from one classroom to the next (and one teacher to the next) depending on the subjects that they take.

Talk to your children early about how these changes will come into place. Most likely, your primary school will do some orientation and preparation activities that will help children to adjust to this new way of life. Build on that by having a number of discussions with your child about how their new days will be structured. Help them draw up a timetable at home on a whiteboard or similar that will help them understand the ebb and flow of a day at high school.

Ensure that you follow the book list and allow your child to become acquainted with their subject books before the first bell of year 7 rings. Get them to assist in labelling and naming.

Talk to them about:

  • How homework and study will become a regular part of their high school life
  • Home group in the mornings
  • Different subjects during the day
  • Swapping in and out of sports uniform dependant on school policy

These are all questions that your child might have and having discussions early on will help to ease transitional anxiety.

External Help

Speaking of anxiety, your child may be somewhat behind the rest of the cohort when it comes to being prepared for subject matter or study habits.

Consider investing in the services of a tutor. Engaging a high-quality tutor throughout the school holidays will go a long way towards preparing your child for high school. Working with a tutor who understands the curriculum and the demands placed on high school children will help buoy confidence levels in your own child and assist them on their journey.

Continuing tuition during their high school career will be of huge assistance. Not only does it give them an extra advantage when it comes to school work but it will give them a glimpse into the content covered in class, and in future classes, and help them hone their skills. Essay writing, mathematic equations, scientific formulas and research skills are everything when it comes to success in high school. A great tutor will help your child build on their own study skills which will help them use their time outside of school productively and avoid last minute panic and stress.

Building Relationships

Make sure you visit the high school prior to your child beginning year 7. Attend any and all orientation sessions, get to know the teachers and other staff and see if you can help your child know the ‘lay of the land’ before they walk through the school gates. It is all about confidence and preparation is the key to avoid any unnecessary worries.

Preparing Your Child for High School

This is a big moment for any family and it’s one that you can navigate with the right preparation.

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