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6 Shocking Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Sleep Quality

6 Shocking Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Sleep Quality

Sabotaging Your Sleep

If you often struggle to get to sleep or you regularly wake up during the night and find it tough to drift off again, you could be causing damage to your body. We now know that missing out on a single night of rest is enough to send the blood pressure soaring, so a consistent, healthy sleep cycle is vital. The problem is that there are all kinds of things that can make it difficult to get a decent chance to recharge.

While one of the biggest culprits is technology, things like poor quality mattresses, light pollution, and lack of a proper bedtime routine can all contribute. We often forget that our brains and bodies are connected. They need to unwind and prepare for sleep at the same pace or there will always be something keeping you awake.

We collaborated with mattress experts – Oz Mattress to bring you this guide, so keep reading for some surprising facts on sleep and the unexpected things that could be preventing you from getting a proper rest.

  1. You Sleep On a Bad Mattress

This is a huge problem and it is very common even though most of us know full well how important a good mattresses is for sleep. Your mattresses should be replaced every 6-8 years, as the springs start to deteriorate after this point and the lumber support disappears. With a high quality mattress, your body is lifted and held in place, so that parts of your spine aren’t taking on too much weight.

  1. Your Spouse Is Keeping You Up

You might not realise it, but sleeping in such close proximity to a lover or spouse can sometimes be the root of the problem. They are immersed in their own sleep cycle and if they are prone to fidgeting, snoring, or hogging the space, it could keep you awake. The good news is that the right mattress can give both sleepers the conditions that they need.

  1. You’re Slouching During the Day

Be mindful of your posture throughout the day, because slouching is a fast track to all kinds of problems. It doesn’t just strain your spine, it also causes the shoulders to hunch and hold a great deal of tension. This doesn’t just vanish when you sleep. It comes into the bedroom with you and those knots restrict breathing and keep the body in a state of unhealthy tautness.

6 Shocking Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Sleep Quality

  1. Your Clock is Distracting You

For a chronic insomniac, there is nothing more frustrating than having to watch the bedside clock tick by. On nights before a big event – an essay deadline, an important meeting, or a tough assignment – this will be amplified. The longer you are awake, the more you’ll worry and stare at the clock and the harder it will be to fall asleep. It is always better to turn the clock around and try to forget about it.

  1. You’re Filled with Stimulants

Ideally, you shouldn’t be eating anything in the 2-3 hours before bed, because your body will have to stay active to digest it. You certainly shouldn’t be drinking coffee and smoking is extremely bad for sleep as well. In fact, anything that contains either caffeine or nicotine should be restricted to before or just after your evening meal. After that, stay well clear of it.

  1. You Work in Your Bedroom

The simplest way to guarantee a healthy sleep cycle is to avoid creating associations between your bedroom and anything but sleep. Try not to text, watch television, spend time on a laptop, or play with the kids in your bedroom. Restrict these activities to outside the sleep space, so that your brain knows that, in this environment, the only aim is to get a peaceful rest.

Sabotaging Your Sleep

Why a Healthy Sleep Cycle Equals a Happy You

There is no getting around the fact that we need sleep to maintain every aspect of our bodies. We spend a third of our lives resting and recharging, so it’s clear that it isn’t something that can be compromised or neglected. Every night of fitful sleep and all of those hours that you stare fruitlessly at the bedroom ceiling have a negative impact, even if you can’t immediately see it. This is why getting serious about your sleep cycle is strongly recommended.

Are you sabotaging your sleep?

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  1. 03/10/2016 / 7:52 am

    Unfortunately with the end of the school holidays, there goes my good sleeps! No more sleeping in for me… sob!

  2. 03/10/2016 / 9:38 am

    My husband is a snorer, so if I don’t get to sleep before him, it takes me ages and I have to keep nudging him. So annoying!

  3. 03/10/2016 / 10:48 am

    I read this with interest. I am actually sleeping better since I stopped working..I used to mull over stuff a lot then. I have been sleeping alone for a long time now as hub sleeps in a separate room due to his different sleep needs and health. It actually is fine for our relationship too. I no longer have a clock in the room but I still go in my iPhone. However, last thing before I switch off the light is to read a few pages from a real book. That helps. And, so does having a hugely wonderful king size bed and mattress with plush top!!

  4. 03/10/2016 / 1:23 pm

    My only problem with my sleep patterns is my son! At nine years of age he still wakes up every night full of anxiety and stress and wanting to get into bed with me!!!! When will it end!!!!!!! Lucky I love him!

  5. 03/10/2016 / 1:23 pm

    Absolutely guilty of 3 and 6 ? – my back is the one that suffers thanks to my slouching. I’m trying to improve my core muscles though, so definitely have become more conscious of improving my posture. I also work in my room because there’s little place else to work if not in the baby’s room (we live with my in laws… and I like privacy). Plus, sometimes I’m writing at a ridiculous hour because that’s the only time I get peace. But I read Arianna Huffington’s book “Thrive” years ago and try to sleep as much as a mother of a newborn can.. .because it really does make such a big difference! Thanks for posting great tips Kell 🙂

  6. 03/10/2016 / 3:08 pm

    I’m definitely guilty of treating my bedroom like an office sometimes – thanks for the tips on how to be a little kinder to myself!

  7. 04/10/2016 / 2:16 am

    I’m pretty much doing all that. Add a stressed cat that can only go outside to poop and he generally does this at 3 to 4 am. It also requires an hour long sweep of the perimeter to check and scare off any other cats. So I basically just get up and stay up. Which means 3 to 4 hours sleep, given I tend to go to bed at midnight.

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