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Affordable IVF fertility treatment


The words IVF are often dreaded and yet welcomed by couples who have been trying to conceive, but have had no success. Plagued with the misconception that it is always a financially draining experience that comes with a lot of uncertainty, it puts a negative outlook on something that should be embraced. Having the option available of this fertility treatment is nothing short of amazing. Of course the financial aspect has to be considered when exploring this avenue to have a baby however there are some clinics that are less expensive than the alternative options available. BUMP IVF realise that there are five major contributing factors taken into account when choosing an IVF clinic; not surprisingly cost is at the top of the list, closely followed by the clinics claimed success rates. Location and doctors running the clinic sit at approximately 50% of the contributing factor, with word of mouth from family and friends taking the fifth position. All of these are very important factors that impact this life altering decision.

It’s no secret that infertility and IVF can take its toll on a relationship and the individuals involved however BUMP IVF want to relieve some of the pressure by giving couples as much control as possible. This is why they endeavour to empower their clients and offer a simplified IVF process while providing women with the highest quality fertility science without discrimination. IVF discussions need to be more open and accepted instead of being accompanied by judgement and to make this happen more awareness is needed for the general public. IVF is not a taboo topic or something women should be made to feel embarrassed or guilty about. It is an incredible treatment that enables couples to enjoy the gift of having a baby; couples that are having a hard time conceiving or are affected by fertility issues that wouldn’t be able to enjoy the experience of parenthood.

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