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Baby Jogger City Mini Review

The task of finding a good pram is a tough one. There are so many variables and options available on the market that it makes narrowing down a long and tedious chore. Poppet is now at the age where we don’t use a pram all the time but still like to have one on hand for those days we need it. We had a Baby Jogger City Elite when she was born and while it is still in perfect condition after almost two years, I just wanted something a little bit smaller. This is where the Baby Jogger City Mini comes in.

Baby Jogger City Mini review


Baby Jogger City Mini Review

How does it feel?

I cannot rave about the Baby Jogger City Mini enough. It has all the features you expect to find in a large pram but in a compact stroller size. Weighing only 7.5kg it is light and small enough that it is easily manoeuvred around shops and roads. The padded handlebar is great for one-handed steering which is a huge benefit if you have another child that needs their hand to be held. The Baby Jogger City Mini features good sized wheels along with front wheel suspension so the pram rides smoothly on most surfaces.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review


How does it look?

This pram is very stylish and is made with a heavy duty fabric and new shaped basket. They look sleek and refined. The Baby Jogger City Mini is available in Black, red, tan and charcoal which is exclusive to Australia for $469. *Charcoal shown in images.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

Safety features?

The Baby Jogger City Mini features a new foot brake that allows you to lock both rear wheels by simply pressing the foot brake once. It is easy to put on and take off when stopping and starting without fear it will fail.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

The multi-position SPF 50+ shade canopy is made up of 3 tall and large folds which ensures your child is well covered from the elements; this is also a benefit if your little one is tall.  It also offers 2 clear peek-a-boo windows on the hood which can be rolled up and held by toggles or left closed with velcro.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

The five point harness is a must for parents with their own little Houdini. Not only is it safe but but the new designed clips/harness are so easy to use. Because they are in 2 parts it is also ideal for when you are transferring your little one from the car to the pram whilst asleep, just do the lower harness without further disturbing them. When un-clipping them and taking them out of the pram the shoulder clips undo as the strap is moved meaning you don’t have to struggle manoeuvring their arms around the straps.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

Versatility and Ease of Use?

The Baby Jogger City Mini is suitable from birth – 22.5kg. The seat recline is controlled by a toggle which means the seat can be placed on any angle between upright and almost flat with ease. It really doesn’t get much easier than that; this was one of my favourite features of the Baby Jogger City Elite and I’m so glad they kept it. The seat also offers a back vent for air circulation which you can open and close.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

There are a 2 different storage options available – the underseat basket which is quite a good size for bits and pieces and possibly some shopping bags, it also has a storage pouch on the back of the seat. While it doesn’t offer a parent tray/organiser standard you can purchase this accessory separately.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

Quick fold technology is another feature I loved about the City Elite and couldn’t imagine folding up a pram any other way now. There is a strap on the seat that says ‘Pull to Fold’ and you as you pull it the pram folds up and the lock holds it closed for you so you can put it away with ease and without risk of it coming open. The best bit of the quick fold technology – you can fold the entire lightweight stroller up with one hand and in one simple movement.

Baby Jogger City Mini Review



Lightweight at 7.5kg

Quick fold technology

Large multi-position canopy

Five point harness

Toggle controlled recline

Ample storage

Foot brake

Suitable from birth


Doesn’t come standard with parent tray/organiser

Doesn’t lay completely flat for newborns

Baby Jogger City Mini Review

Overall I can honestly say that this is worth every cent it costs. The amount of features that have been packed into this compact pram make long outings comfortable yet it is light enough for everyday use. I would highly recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini if you are looking for something light, compact, value for money and that has all the benefits of a larger pram. For more information or to find a stockist near you visit Baby Jogger Australia online.

What pram/stroller do you have?

What is your must have feature when purchasing a pram?

Disclosure: I received the above product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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