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Cleverkeet – Little Live Pets Review

Cleverkeet – Little Live Pets Review

Christmas is only just around the corner which means the wish lists are starting to grow! Santa is going to have to work the elves from sun up to sun down to get the presents ready in time; especially with all the amazing new toys being put on shelves recently.

As many parents will have experienced over the years, children often ask Santa for pets for Christmas. This could be any pet; a dog, a cat, a bird or even a fish. Unfortunately pets aren’t suitable for everyone though and often circumstances simply don’t allow it. This is where Little Live Pets from Moose is the perfect compromise!

Cleverkeet Review

Cleverkeet is an interactive robo-pet that dances, talks, responds to your voice and can even drive its very own birdie cart. This bird is smart!

When your child first opens their new ‘pet’ and gives it a name, this very clever bird will remember it. Like the other Little Live Pets, Cleverkeet can record and repeat messages but it also does so much more.

Cleverkeet | Little Live Pets | All Mum Said

Just like a real pet, this Cleverkeet requires some creature comforts at home which it comes standard with. Included is its very own playground which contains: a swing, a mirror, a dance floor and a perch. He also enjoys playing, dancing, eating and drinking from his food perch and being carried around while having a chat with his new best friend.

Cleverkeet | Little Live Pets | All Mum Said

He can often be a little too into himself as he loves showing off while dancing in front of his mirror. Your child is going to absolutely love their new pet and you will be grateful there is no mess, no food and fuss associated with owning such a cute feathered friend.

Suitable for children aged 5+ this is going to be a Christmas favourite. Available in pink or blue from major retailers for RRP $79.95!

What is on your child’s wish list this year?

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