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Comfort, Support and Look Great with Fertile Mind

We all know that when you are pregnant it becomes more and more difficult to find clothes that fit, are comfortable and still look good. I find that because I start to show very early on that my need to constantly update my wardrobe is not so much something that makes me enjoy the fashion but it is more out of necessity. Each pregnancy I have not gone overboard with the purchasing of clothes and seem to have ended up each time with a handful of singlets, stretch waist skirts and dresses that are on a constant repeat cycle. Yes I have gotten very sick of seeing the same the same clothes over and over again.

A big thanks goes to Fertile Mind for offering some amazing maternity items at reasonable prices!

Each and every pregnancy I have found my belly becomes too round and big for tops and singlets to cover and yet I never thought of getting one of those belly / maternity bands. What was I thinking? I have been using the Bando from Fertile Mind for the past 2 months and must say not getting one sooner is one of the stupidest things I have done. They not only give the allusion my tops are long enough but they are so comfy, feel amazing and are extremely supportive. They are designed so you don’t notice them being worn under your tops; there are no extra seam lines or bulges. I think the no bulges aspect will also come in handy after pregnancy if you know what I mean. They retail for $24.99.


   Maternity tights are another item I never thought about buying (maybe because my first 2 pregnancies were in summer) and figured how different could they be to the normal tights out there. Well I’m here to tell you they are so different! They are super soft, durable and fit perfectly; which ultimately makes them extremely comfortable. They provide extra support for your belly that is truly understated. The overbelly design delivers extra warmth which is great for winter and cooler months. I can also see myself wearing these after pregnancy as they are warm, comfortable and supportive. Retailing for $24.95 I think this is a great investment.


Fertile Mind offers a great range of products for pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby wearing and the list goes on. You can find their great items on the website here

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