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Darrell Lea Rippers – Reduced Sugar Lollies!

When parents hear the words lollies, confectionery or sweets come out of their child’s mouth many of them respond with ‘it’s unhealthy and you shouldn’t have it’. I have never been that kind of mum. No judgement from me if you are.

I have always felt that by giving my kids the option of having ‘sometimes foods’ and not eliminating them entirely, it has helped us to give them the knowledge to make healthier eating choices. That’s also not to say I won’t try and find better choices in confectionery, because I absolutely do. Darrell Lea Rippers, for example, have 25% less sugar than other similar products on the market! That’s a massive reduction.

Darrell Lea Rippers #dleafaceon competition

Better choices start at home

Both my husband and I are chefs so our kids have been introduced to healthy and flavourful meals since they were old enough to eat solids. They have always been very open to trying new foods and out of our four kids not one has been a fussy eater. I thank my lucky stars every day for that!

But in addition to eating healthy meals, fruit and veg, yoghurt and cheese (our toddler would eat this and nothing more if we allowed it) we also ensure our family gets enough exercise. We are quite active, love the outdoors and know that as part of a balanced diet it is also okay for kids and adults to treat themselves. It is all about moderation.

active kids riding scooters

Guilt free snacks – Darrell Lea Rippers

I have made some big changes to my diet over the past 12 months and that has included paying more attention to how much sugar, carbs and kilojoules are in a lot of packaged foods. It was a real eye-opener as to why all the hard work at the gym wasn’t paying off as quickly as it should have been.

Comparing the new Darrell Lea Rippers to the late night indulgences I used to enjoy after the kids went to bed makes the Rippers feel like guilt free snacks. They are definitely a better option when having a sweet craving.

To be completely honest, it surprises me that Darrell Lea is the first major confectionery company to respond to consumer demands and introduce a reduced-sugar product. I would have thought many of the lolly manufacturers would have seen this market and pounced!

Darrell Lea Rippers

Darrell Lea Rippers – product details

  • Three varieties – each packet contains two different flavours. Rippers are available in these flavours: Raspberry and Grape, Orange and Lime, Blackcurrant and Green Apple.
  • All natural colours and flavours. No preservatives.
  • 250g pack
  • Available from Woolworths

 toddler eating Darrell Lea Rippers

Get in quick and pick up Rippers on special at your local Woolworths so you can ENTER THE #DLEAFACEON competition!!

Darrell Lea Rippers #dleafaceon competition

#DLEAFACEON competition

To win, you have to purchase a pack of Rippers (on special at the moment!) and then create a fun & crazy face using the product.

Post the image to your Facebook or Instagram page with #DLEAFACEON

The best one every two weeks wins.

 What you will win:

  • trip to the Darrell Lea factory in Sydney (from your major capital city) with a parent/guardian and up to 2 friends
  • an all-you-can-eat tour of the factory
  • make your own Rocky Road bar
  • take home samples (plus more will be sent to them two more times through the year)

Find out more info here about how to enter and what you can win.

Darrell Lea Rippers… have you tried them yet?

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