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Delicious and Easy School Lunches + IGA GIVEAWAY

With school starting back this week it’s time to start thinking about getting organised and getting a head start on lunches. I like to have a stock pile of goodies in the freezer ready for the boys lunches and having a range of options already prepared makes lunch different and exciting each day. I started doing this so I didn’t have to put too much thought (or effort) into packing the kids lunches during the week and having the options in the freezer means I only have to add the basics to their lunchboxes. There are lots of great options that are suitable for morning tea, lunches and even afternoon tea.

I make sure there are always a few staples ready to go and these are usually chocolate chip cookies, banana muffins and double chocolate chip muffins (shown below). What I love about these recipes is that are easily adjustable to suit your taste and nutritional needs. Your local IGA caters to most dietary needs which I found out when my sister was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. IGA has a huge range of gluten free, lactose free and even culture specific foods which can be used as alternate ingredients in my recipes. Click over to their facebook and Instagram pages to check out local stories, inspiration and ideas. I am also running a giveaway for IGA Australia to help you get organised for getting back to routine which you can enter here!

IGA alternate foods

Dietary Specific Food

I want to share with you my personal favourite Double Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe so you too can get a head start on keeping the kids’ lunches exciting and delicious with minimal effort required. I love this recipe because it is so easy to make and the muffins are always moist and delicious!

[gmc_recipe 2661]

Now is the time to get organised and the kids can even help with this recipe. Don’t forget to enter the IGA GIVEAWAY here!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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