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DIY Printables And Educational Games For Kids

DIY Printables And Educational Games For Kids

With school holidays fast approaching, it’s great to have some creative tools up your sleeve. Keeping the kids entertained, learning and laughing over the Christmas break may sound like an impossible task, but it’s not – with some printable activities and fun learning games, you can keep their boredom at bay in an educational way.

DIY Printables and educational games for kids

LEGO Puzzles

These nifty little puzzles are a great tool for increasing motor control and aiding in cognitive development and spatial awareness in toddlers and pre-schoolers. They can also be a great idea for presents!

Here’s how to make them:

1. Print a recognisable character, picture or word on thick, laminated paper.
2. Glue the back of your paper to a stack of connected LEGO Duplo bricks (or regular LEGO pieces for older kids).
3. Simply slice between the seams of each Lego brick.
4. Take the pieces apart and let your little ones put them back together.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees And Toes

Another activity to keep your kids’ minds at work these holidays is teaching them the parts of the body. A fun way to beat the old “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” song could be to create your own jingles. Depending on your child’s age, you can introduce new body parts to the song, such as tummy, elbows, chin and chest. If you’re after a really crafty afternoon, print out diagrams of the body and see what parts they recognise (just the basics is fine – nothing too challenging!).

DIY Printables and educational games for kids

Dear Diary

It’s no secret that children have huge imaginations. Make the most of this by keeping a night-time journal with your children. Even if they can’t write yet, work with them to create a personalised journal featuring their own pictures and stories. For example, you could print out a picture of their favourite character and dedicate a diary page to them. A diary is a great educational tool as it teaches your child the benefits of reflecting and remembering. Best of all, you can laminate and frame it for their 18th birthday!

Learn The Alphabet

Print out large letters of the alphabet and glue them onto sticks. You can pick them up in order, or make a game out of spelling words. The ageless ‘pick up sticks’ game has never been so educational!

DIY Printables and educational games for kids


Print out a graph of the timetables on bright, colourful paper. Laminate it and stick it somewhere in the house to help your child or children get more familiar with them.

Greater Than, Less Than

Mix and match art with maths. Have your child design a ‘greater than, less than’ monster such as a crocodile and teach them maths with a deck of cards.

Printable activities can be useful for kids of all ages, but the value of printed materials extend beyond childhood as well! Education and training providers find that printed documents are effective training tools in all kinds of industries – particularly when created with expert printing companies like The Print Group (click here to learn more).

DIY Printables and educational games for kids

For the kids, quality learning doesn’t just have to happen in school. Learning at home can prove just as good for stimulating and pushing your children to their full potential.

What are your favourite ways to inspire learning through DIY activities?

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