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Do you suffer from pregnancy heartburn?

My youngest child may now be one however since finding out that I am going to be an aunty it has bought up a lot of memories from my 3 pregnancies.

One of them is the horrible torturous pregnancy heartburn. Until I was pregnant with B2 (my second pregnancy) I had never experienced heartburn, pregnancy or otherwise. Unfortunately the heartburn started early on during my third pregnancy, kicking in at  approximately 8 weeks and it didn’t stop until about two weeks after she born. I will never forget the burning acid feeling in my throat. I ate healthy in an attempt to pin point the cause but it didn’t seem to be anything in particular that triggered it. I found eating chips or chocolate did result in it being worse but not the cause.

Pregnancy heartburn

Pregnancy heartburn remedies

I tried everything I could to prevent the pregnancy heartburn from striking again however nothing seemed to work. I gave everything that was recommended to me a go. I ate smaller meals and ate them slowly, avoided fatty and salty foods, cut out coffee and sugar, didn’t drink fizzy drinks, didn’t eat prior to going to bed, drank plenty of water but nothing helped. There have been a few things I have since heard that may help get relief from heartburn. They include drinking herbal tea, acupressure and standing or sitting up after eating. I used to drink ginger ale to help with morning sickness however it is also supposed to help with pregnancy heartburn. I tried a few antacids but had never heard of Gaviscon which according to their website relieved 9 out of 10 pregnant women, which is pretty impressive. Surprisingly chewing gum is supposed to help relieve heartburn as well which is great if you are out and about, most women have a packet of gum in their handbag.

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Studies show that three quarters of pregnant women experience heartburn during their third trimester. I know that what helps relieve pregnancy heartburn for one woman may not work for another but as I was one of the 75% who suffered, I am fully aware of how important it is to share any remedies that have worked.

Did you suffer pregnancy heartburn? What remedy helped you?

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  1. 13/10/2014 / 2:19 pm

    I did suffer pregnancy heartburn, particularly with my third. I found I had to give up vegemite as it seemed to make it flare up. Drinking milk helped a little but it seemed to always be there for me, whatever I did. Good to know there are ways for mother-to-be to get some relief x

    • 21/10/2014 / 8:40 pm

      It was worst with my third and like you it just always seemed to be there. I didn’t even think of drinking milk! Thanks for sharing another idea that may help other mothers-to-be Kirsty.

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