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Dressed to Impress!

I love clothes! Lately my fascination has been more with the baby variety but how can you not when they are so darn cute and tiny? I am enjoying the variety of options that having a baby girl brings; with boys there is a lot of cute stuff but it’s all the same. Boys have only got shirts and shorts/pants whereas girls also have dresses, skirts, tights, etc. One of my favourite pieces of Hadleys’ wardrobe at the moment is her shwrap from Jujo Baby.


It is kind of like a mix between a cardigan and a blanket/wrap. It’s great if you have a baby who doesn’t like their arms being wrapped – my baby girl hasn’t liked being wrapped from the day she was born but she loves her shwrap. She snuggles into it. It is 100% super soft cotton (like most of their items) and great quality. This gorgeous cable knit shwrap keeps bub warm and snug without overheating and it looks absolutely adorable. The shwrap is available in a range of colours and patterns for $64.95 from the Jujo Baby website.

Hadley also has a onesie from Jujo Baby in the same cable knit style and colour. I love the addition of the girly frill on the front. It is also made from 100% super soft cotton and great quality workmanship. I love that even though these items are knit they are machine washable which to me is very important when purchasing clothing. These onesies are so cute and come in 3 different colours. The pink is the only one with the frill so these are great for boys as well! You can purchase them for $59.95 (on sale at the moment for $42.00) from the Jujo Baby website.

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I love the excellence of Jujo Baby and their designs are one of a kind. If you are looking for a beautifully designed item for your little one or a gorgeous gift then I highly recommend checking out Jujo Baby.

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