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Downsizing Made Easy

At some point in our lives we have all downsized our living arrangements for one reason or another. Whether it be caused by budget issues, lack of availability, personal preference or even retirees who no longer have children at home and don’t require all the extra space. When my husband and I bought our first home we had a 6 month old baby and had saved every cent we could spare to make our purchase. It wasn’t the best property money could buy but it was ours.

We quickly learnt after trading in a large house for a 2 bedroom unit that some de-cluttering would be required. Ok, a lot of de-cluttering! Not only did we have all of our stuff but we had everything a new baby needs as well and there was no way we could find room for it all. There are definite pros and cons to downsizing and the main positive I found was that it took a third of the time to clean and the yard took about 10 minutes to mow which ultimately left a lot more free time to spend together as a family. Being able to enjoy more time with my husband and child was such a fantastic compromise and one I’m glad we made.

One thing that would have made living in a smaller property easier is the use of appliances. We really take them for granted even though they make our lives so much simpler. A dishwasher for example would have saved us not only space on our bench from having to stack dishes but it would have also kept mess to a minimum, saved us money, reduced our water usage, when teamed with Finish dishwashing tablets left our dishes cleaner than we could have done hand washing them (we don’t use anything but Finish these days) and above all else saved us time! However as unfortunate as it was we had spent all our money on the home and of course we had a lack of space in our kitchen so we had to go without with the help of amazing and convenient appliances. I always envied walking into friends and families homes and seeing their basic door and fancy draw dishwashers – something so simple  would have made such a difference. Little did I know that the Fisher & Paykel DishdrawerTM came in all sizes and formats to suit every families lifestyle and needs. They are available in single or tall and double or extra wide; as it turns out the lack of space didn’t need to hold us back as we could have simply replaced a draw with a dishwasher and not lost any extra room in our already tiny and cramped kitchen. 6 years down the track we have upsized in house, family and helpful devices around the home. They really make the difference between spare time and blissful living and a hectic and stressful life. Being able to unwind at the end of a long day and not have to worry about washing the dishes from breakfast and dinner makes for a much more pleasant evening. This convenience also means no longer is it required to soak and scrub pots as the dishwashers do it for us.


I love that as every year goes by brands such as Fisher & Paykel redefine the way we use such appliances. They not only look at the dishwasher themselves but they also look at the way people are using their kitchens and designing the product based around how real households work and the problems and challenges we are faced with on a day to day basis. For example the DishDrawerTM family is created with choice and convenience to suit every kitchen need in mind.


Now that I have experienced first-hand the convenience of life with a dishwasher I am never (and I mean never) going back to filling up the sink and hand washing dishes or baby bottles again.

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