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Dressing For A New Beginning

Finding something to wear after you have a baby that makes you feel anything other than frumpy, daggy or still pregnant is hard to come by. It doesn’t matter how many babies you have had previously it is always the same feeling of – I have lived in these clothes the entire pregnancy and they are now so stretched out or I am sick of the sight of the items in my wardrobe. As I have previously mentioned in other posts I have practically lived in the same dresses, pair of shorts and skirt for the last 6 months of my pregnancy and I was wanting to leave the hospital in something that was as new as my baby girl. Something I’d never worn before. A new start.

You will have heard me mention my love for the brand i&u (innovation and you) that has recently changed to Laila & Spot. The dresses I lived (and to be honest, still live in) when I was pregnant are the maxi dresses from i&u. I know they are great quality and are made to last so I didn’t hesitate in jumping over to the new Laila and Spot website as soon as I heard they had extended their range. I proudly wore home one of their skirts which I’m so glad to have taken to the hospital with me; after having my bub via C-section I wanted to wear something that didn’t put too much pressure on my wound. The skirt has no zips, buttons or elastic jabbing or digging in which made it perfect. It is very comfortable and because I got it in black it goes with everything – obviously it’s now a staple piece. It does come in 3 colours but I thought black would be the safer option for me to start. Oh and they are only $40.


I have also been wearing the leggings which have been great for this crazy cold and windy weather we’ve been having. They are so soft and comfortable (almost like you aren’t wearing pants but you’re warm). Hahaha. They come in 2 styles – full length and ¾ length. I opted for the full length being winter I thought they’d be perfect with dresses, long tops, tunics and of course boots. These are also great for after having a C-section as they also have no elastic at the front (don’t worry about them falling down though there is some elastic through the back to prevent this!). I love how versatile these are and that for only $30 the quality is better than some I’ve paid triple that for.


Like I mentioned above and in previous posts I love their maxi dresses. They are great to breastfeed in and the design cannot be flawed. Truth be told I own 3 of their maxis (2x black and 1x blue) along with a shorter black version. Now that they have changed to Laila & Spot and expanded their range they have now got a two-tone dress that is also designed for breastfeeding. They look great and like the maxis I have are made from bamboo. I am currently waiting on 2 of these to arrive from the postman. I ordered one in each colour. I think it’s fair to say I love Laila & Spot and obviously the contents of my wardrobe show that. It is basically the only brand in there!

Check out their facebook and website. You won’t regret it!

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