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Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Christmas is a time of magic, creativity and joy.

Seeing the joy on a child’s face when they get into the spirit of Christmas is all it takes to make a parent slow down and embrace the merry season. This typically starts with Christmas activities!

Christmas craft ideas

It is no secret kids love doing arts and crafts, it is also no secret that craft is beneficial for children and their development. (CLICK THE LINK TO SEE HOW). But most importantly, it is fun. If you and your little ones want to get into the spirit of Christmas make sure you create these festive Christmas activities seen below!

Bauble Decorating

christmas craft ideas for kids make baubles

Decorating your own baubles can be so much fun. Not many crafts items are required to make this and yet you can create something special and that will treasured for years to come.

You will need: plain bauble, paint, glitter, sequins/confetti.

How to: Design your bauble and craft a beautiful decoration. You can use the paint to make a pattern, add glitter or sequins to wet paint (this eliminates the need for glue). My 2 year old daughter thought feathers were fun so added as many that would physically stick on.

Once you have your beautiful bauble looking how you like it, hang it up to dry.

christmas craft ideas for kids


Christmas Card Making

christmas craft ideas for kids card making

Christmas cards are almost an essential part of the season. Instead of using the same old generic cards though, create unique ones at home. You can show of your creative flare and add that extra love we all want at Christmas.

You will need: Cardboard, paint, tinsel, glitter, sequins/confetti, pens

How to: If your cardboard is not already cut to size, cut it and then fold in half. Draw/paint/glue your design on the card and let it fry before writing your special message inside.

christmas craft ideas for kids card making

Each of my kids created completely differently cards with the same items, it is great to see how their imagination and creativity allows them to be so different.


Mini Wreaths

christmas craft ideas for kids wreath

These mini wreaths are so incredibly easy to make! Requiring only two products to make them, they are extremely budget friendly and make a great decoration or gift.

You will need: Pipe cleaners, bells (in assorted colours and sizes)

How to: Thread the bells onto the pipe cleaner, alternating the direction with each one. Leave a little pipe cleaner spare at the end so you can close it off. Twist the ends and hang it on your Christmas tree!

christmas craft ideas for kids miniature wreath

The Christmas craft ideas are simple and easy to make which makes them great for children of all ages. My two year old had an absolute ball, as did my 6 and 8 year olds. The is no age limit for craft and each child / adult deserves to get into the Christmas spirit! Ho Ho Ho!

What are your favourite Christmas craft activities?

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  1. Rebecca H
    14/12/2015 / 11:21 am

    I find Art and Craft is so important for my children. It incorporates great creativity, expression and vital developmental skills in them. I always look for new and exciting craft activities for them to to.

  2. Rebecca H
    16/12/2015 / 10:13 am

    We have been making snowflakes with decorated paddlepop sticks. Christmas Angels are great as well. These are made out of paper with gold pipe cleaner for the halo, they look so sweet. We pop onto ABC kids website as well as they have a few crafty activities and games to play. I have printed out sun safety paper dolls! I love these. They are so fun to colouring in and decorate, plus very educational.

  3. 12/09/2016 / 7:30 pm

    I love the christmas bell wreath idea! Think I might try that with the kids this year. Each year we make something different but pretty for the christmas tree and gradually we are building up our collection. Making christmas decorations with white air drying clay is another favourite of mine using playdough/ cookie cutters and textures/ stamps to press on them to make a pattern.

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