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Essential Purchases for Any New Home

Congratulations on moving into your new home! Whether you’ve built a new home, taken out a new lease, or purchased an existing home, before you can make it completely yours, there are a few items that will ensure the space between the four walls is as comfortable and as functional as possible. Some of these items you may already own, and for others it may mean some carefully considered new purchases. One thing is for sure, with the following items, your home will be turn-key ready and you’ll be living large in your new digs in no time at all.

Essential Purchases for Any New Home

Appliances and Whitegoods

Not so much a luxury as a necessity, all homes need a washing machine and fridge. A home will come with cooking facilities, but for easy cleaning (and if space permits) you may also wish to invest in a dishwasher, which will prove to be especially useful for those busy households, and big-brooded families.

If you don’t already have one, don’t forget a microwave. These can be a lifesaver when you want to reheat some leftovers, or just want a quick and easy meal – and they can be picked up for quite a reasonable price.


Speaking of cooking, nearly all homes have some sort of outdoor area or backyard. For easy outdoor entertaining, (and much less mess) a new barbeque from retailers like BBQ Galore will go a long way to jazz up your patio. With so many different foods that can be grilled, it’s likely your trusty barbeque will get a lot of use, especially during the summer months as you fire up with grill with tongs in one hand and cold beer in the other.

Curtains, Blinds and Other Window Furnishings

Privacy is hugely important to achieve a relaxed and secure feel from your new surroundings. Especially at night when lights are on, it’s nice to be able to know that people passing by aren’t able to see exactly what you’re doing or what you are watching on TV.

Horizontal or vertical blinds offer the most flexibility, allowing air and light to pass through the slats, without completely restricting the view. Blinds come in a number of styles and colours to suit your own design preferences and the home’s existing décor. Curtains can offer privacy on a budget, and for many people who move it to a new home these are one of the most important first purchases, especially in the bedroom and living room.

Vacuum Cleaner

It’s likely to be less exciting than some of the other purchases, but to keep your crib clean, it’s going to need to be vacuumed – especially if you have carpet. It’s amazing what a difference a clean floor makes to a room, and clean surfaces are essential to maintaining a good feel as you walk through the front door.

There’s no doubt that setting up house can be expensive, so if you own most of these, fortunately for you, most of your work is done. However for those on a budget, many of these other essential items can be found in second hand stores, online classifieds websites, and garage sales. It’s extremely rewarding to set your home up, and only then will the house really feel like a home for you to begin living the next chapter of your life.

What are your essential purchases when moving  into a new home?

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