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Happy Birthday and a wing chair

Today Mr C is celebrating his 28th birthday and while he is going to be extremely tired from finishing night shift he will be ecstatic when he sees the present I got him. Take a seat, well more like a chair – a wing chair to be exact. A chair fit for a king.

wing chair

Meet the Churchill Wing Chair. Isn’t she pretty? Image credit: 1825 Interiors


He has wanted one of these wing chairs for as long as I can remember and each time he thinks about getting one something always comes up, there is always a bill that decides it wants to be paid (seriously how rude!) or a school excursion, new uniforms; it just never seems to end. Every year (besides that one he forgot my birthday) he has always gotten me something beautiful, something so me and it is clear that he knows me so well. Shopping for him on the other hand is so friggin hard!! I know what he likes, I know what he wants but there are always so many variations and I find myself constantly second guessing and decide on something entirely different. What if I get the wrong one? He isn’t a socks and jocks type, he is a pointless contraption kind of guy (well he thinks they are justified).

Wing chair

Churchill wing chair from 1825 interiors


A few years ago we spent a night in a hotel after going to a wedding and there were random chairs around the place and we have loved the idea ever since. We have wanted random chairs but lacked either enough space for them or the money. Now that we have built our house it has numerous places for random seating and I wanted him to be wowed by his gift like I am every year. So I saved the money I earned from working and I got him this magnificent wing chair. What do you think?

Wishing Mr C a very Happy Birthday today. xx

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  1. sharyn
    25/08/2014 / 9:26 pm

    I LOVE IT – this is what i would love too 🙂

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